Wheaton College Resources

It has been more than seventy years since Billy Graham first stepped onto the Wheaton College campus.

 Because of the long history and relationship with the Grahams, Wheaton College has a number of unique resources regarding the life and ministry of Billy Graham.

  • The Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives
    Holds a wide variety of resources in its collection of materials regarding the history of evangelical ministries. A number of the resources - videos, photos, audio files, documents, etc. - related to Billy Graham have been assembled for reference.
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  • The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
    With 50 ministries and a worldwide reach, we exist to accelerate global evangelism.
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  • Special online edition of Wheaton magazine in honor of Mr. Graham
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  • The Billy Graham Center Museum
    Exhibit on the history of evangelism in America which features a major portion on Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
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I will always be grateful for the way God used my time [at Wheaton College] to expand my knowledge and give me a greater understanding of what it means to live 'for Christ and His Kingdom.' — BIlly Graham '43