Password FAQ

Troubleshooting issues logging into Wheaton College Services

If you are experiencing trouble logging into a NetID-authenticated system, please review the following possible causes and solutions.

Before going further, please verify that:

  • You're typing in your password correctly. (type the pw in the ID field where you can see the text to make sure what you are typing is appearing correctly. Don't forget to remove the text you typed in the ID field.)
  • The caps lock key isn't pressed. 
  • Your browser isn't auto-filling an old password.

Some services, including the Wheaton College Online Passport, require your browser to use cookies. Clearing these cookies could help. Instructions for clearing cookies and cache are available here:

Duo provides two-factor authentication which provides a second layer of security to your accounts. 

If you are having issues with two-step login, please review these help sheets. 

Are you eligible to access the service? Several systems and services, as well as access to some software titles, have specific NetID eligibility requirements and may not be available for all users. Check with the AIT Service Desk at 630.752.4357(HELP) and they will help to determine your eligibility. 

Are you trying to access a service from an off-campus location? Some services, such as Banner, require you to either be on campus or use VPN\EZProxy when off campus. Please review these instructions if you have any questions about VPN.