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Pre-Law Timeline - Senior Year

Pre-Law Timeline - Senior Year

Fall of Senior Year

  • Request letters of recommendation at the very beginning of the fall semester. At least one, and preferably two, letters of recommendation should be from professors. Make sure that the recommendation writer is comfortable with providing a detailed and positive recommendation. Give the recommendation writer any necessary forms and relevant information about yourself. Most law schools want you to use the letter of recommendation service provided by the CAS.
  • Take the LSAT if you are taking the test in September/October. You should receive your score in late October. Based on your LSAT score and your GPA, use the Boston College Law School Locator (insert link) and the ABA/LSAC Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools (insert link) to make a list of Law Schools that interest you and that represent a realistic possibility for admission.
  • Finalize your personal statement and resume.
  • Meet with the Pre-Law Advisor to assess your Law School application strategy.
  • Prepare your Law School applications. Take advantage of rolling admissions policies and complete your Law School applications by December 1st at the very latest. Since most law schools begin reviewing applications as soon as they arrive, an early application may receive favorable consideration simply because there are fewer applications to compare against.

Spring of Senior Year

  • Check with the law schools early in January to ensure that your files are complete.
  • Complete the FAFSA and any financial aid material as early as possible in January.
  • Take appropriate action on acceptances, wait-listings and financial aid packages. Meet with the Pre-Law Advisor to assess your options. Select your Law School and inform the Pre-Law Advisor of your choice.
  • Send a copy of your final transcript and certification of graduation to your Law School.