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Philosophy Courses

These are the courses in philosophy offered at Wheaton College. See full course descriptions in the Course Catalog.

PHIL 101. Introduction to Philosophy.

PHIL 103. Philosophy and the Sciences.

PHIL 105. Race and Justice.

PHIL 205. Ethics and Society.

PHIL 215. Contemporary Moral Problems.

PHIL 216. Philosophy of the Arts.

PHIL 217. Philosophy of Art.

PHIL 222. Souls and Brain.

PHIL 226. Asian Philosophy.

PHIL 227. Asian Philosophy.

PHIL 241. Suffering.

PHIL 243. Introduction to Logic.

PHIL 244. Symbolic Logic.

PHIL 245. Logic.

PHIL 247. Philosophic Topics with Contemporary Relevance.

PHIL 248. Philosophic Topics with Contemporary Relevance.

PHIL 251. Global Justice.

PHIL 255. Existentialism.

PHIL 281. Philosophy & Postmodernity.

PHIL 311. History of Philosophy: Ancient & Medieval.

PHIL 312. History of Philosophy: Modern & Contemporary.

PHIL 315. Philosophy of Religion.

PHIL 317. Biomedical Ethics.

PHIL 318. Philosophy of Law.

PHIL 319. Political Philosophy.

PHIL 328. Business Ethics.

PHIL 331. Science and Christian Belief.

PHIL 341. Nature of Persons.

PHIL 345X. Classical and Medieval Political Thought. See PSCI 345.

PHIL 346X. Renaissance and Modern Political Thought. See PSCI 346.

PHIL 347. Topics in Philosophy.

PHIL 348. Topics in Philosophy.

PHIL 349X. Christian Political Thought. See PSCI 349.

PHIL 447. Advanced Topics in Philosophy.

PHIL 448. Advanced Topics in Philosophy.

PHIL 448-1. Epistemology.

PHIL 448-2. Contemporary Metaphysics.

PHIL 448-3. Ethical Theory.

PHIL 454. Historical Seminar.

PHIL 455. Historical Seminar.

PHIL 456X. German Historical Seminar.

PHIL 457X. German Historical Seminar.

PHIL 494. Philosophy Capstone: Revisiting the Good Life.

PHIL 495. Independent Study.

PHIL 496. Internship.

PHIL 497. Independent Study in German Philosophy.

PHIL 499. Honors Thesis.