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Internship Stories 2018

Internships form a crucial part of the education and training of an engineer. Here is a look at several recent Wheaton engineering student internships.

Kari Miller

Kari Miller (‘20, Architectural Engineering) Kari spent her summer as a Project Management and Construction Specialist in an internship at HoneyRock Camp, WI, where she worked  in previous summers.  Kari led a team to design and reconstruct cabins and other camp infrastructure.


Rylee Norris

Rylee Norris (‘22, Mechanical Engineering) This past summer Rylee worked in her home state of Alaska on an internship with Hillcorp, a privately held oil exploration and production company.  In her main job, Rylee worked as a “water weazls” to set up pump systems, weirs and totes that removed water from structures and surfaces.  She also followed well mechanics in their daily work.

Seketura B

Benjamin Sekutera (’21, Mechanical Engineering) Benjamin’s summer internship was with Lockheed Martin Corporation in Colorado Springs, CA.  There, he worked on an integrated software system for an international client’s Air Operations Center.  As a part of the software test team, Benjamin took A specs and broke that down into sub-groups called B specs, which were then tested.  He also interacted with customers and attended meetings.


Collin Uveges

Collin Uveges (’22, Mechanical Engineering) Colin interned with Precision Services MTR in Adison, IL  this past summer.  Precision Services is a company that specializes in Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines of all types.  He spent half of his time in shop and half in the office.  In the shop he assisted service people to diagnose problems and made new drawings.  In the office Collin ordered parts and worked with customers.  Collin also traveled off-site on several trips to preform diagnostics on large CNC machines.


Audrey Young

Audrey Young (’21,  Mechanical Engineering) Audrey’s summer internship was with Lumenous Device Technologies.  Audrey worked on multiple discrete tasks from finding part numbers to dismantling laser machines, creating site designs, overseeing  equipment removal and using Solid Works to design and retrofit machine parts.



Calvin GrahamCalvin Graham (’20, Civil Engineering) This past summer Calvin interned for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in the Downers Grove, IL field office.  With IDOT, Calvin worked on the front end of the Roosevelt Road rehabilitation project, which impacted Wheaton and neighboring communities.  Almost all of his work was in the field.  Calvin checked slopes, worked with sidewalk ADA compliance and on intersection improvement.  Calvin also inspected contractor work to assure safety and other compliance.


Becca Geiger

Becca Geiger (’21, Mechanical Engineering) Over the summer, Becca interned with RJN Group, a civil engineering consulting firm in Wheaton, where she continues to put in several hours each week.    With RJN Group, Becca modeled household water  flow using  EPANET  software.  She also worked with the Cook County Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) to assure sewerage compliance where she read sewer requirements and wrote plans identifying repair needs.