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Education Department Accreditation


Wheaton College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The teacher education program is accredited by the the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Teacher candidates graduating from Wheaton programs meet requirements for an initial Professional Educator License (PEL) in the State of Illinois. To complete Illinois licensure requirements, teacher candidates must successfully pass a Subject-Matter Knowledge Test and the edTPA. 

Licensure programs

Wheaton College has been granted program approval for initial licensure in the following areas by the Illinois State Board of Education >>

  • Elementary Education
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Geology
  • History/Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music Education
  • Physics
  • World Languages (French, German, Spanish)

Program Completer Data

Updated data from 2010 - 2018 graduates is available on the WheTEACH website >> prepared by a research mentoring group of undergraduate education students.

The six-year graduation rate for incoming undergraduate freshman Fall 2011 is 88.9%. For graduate programs the six-year rate is 81.1%. The Wheaton Teacher Education Program Completer rate for 2017-18 is 97%.The Wheaton College official (FY2014) 3-year loan default rate is 1.2%, compared to the national student loan default rate of 11.5%.

The Education Department also collects data annually from the principals of the schools in which Wheaton College teacher candidates complete their practica. The most recent data from the 2017 Principal Survey is available (PDF).

Title II Information

Title II data is required and compiled by the United States Department of Education to report on the quality of teacher preparation and states' requirements and assessments for initial teaching credentials.

Annual Institution Report
Program Year: 2017-2018
Process date: 04-15-19
Institution: 055-Wheaton College
Number of Program Completers: 59

   Institution: Wheaton College
Test Field/
Pass Rate

Academic Content Areas

105 Science: Biology 1    
106 Science: Chemistry 4    
110 Elem/Middle Grades: 32 32 100%
111 English Lang. Arts: 5    
114 Social Science/History 3    
115 Mathematics 6    
116 Science: Physics 2    
127 Foreign Lang: French 0    
128 Foreign Lang: German 0    
135 Foreign Lang: Spanish 2    
143 Music 4    
Aggregate  59  59 100%


Elementary Literacy 3    
Elementary Math 23 23 100%
K-12 Performing Arts 4    
Middle Childhood English-Lang Arts 2    
Middle Childhood Science 1    
Middle Childhood Math 3    
Secondary English-Language Arts 4    
Secondary History-Social Studies 3    
Secondary Math 6    
Secondary Science 7    
World Language 2    
Aggregate 60 59 98%