Unique Opportunities


Unique Preparation for Unique Opportunities

Urban School Partnership

Beginning in the spring of 2023, Wheaton's Department of Education launched a new partnership with Moving Everest Charter School, a Kindergarten-8th grade school in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's West side. The school is a wonderful partnership opportunity for Wheaton's teacher education program because it provides a positive, yet realistic, urban teaching experience in a large metropolitan area. The school also has a strong partnership with By The Hand Club for Kids. They provide a faith-based after-school program for Moving Everest scholars, further demonstrating the strength of a holistic school/after-school service model.

Interested Wheaton students must interview with the leadership of the school and be invited to student teach at this partnership location.

International Student teaching 

Wheaton College is a charter member of the Student Teaching And Global Experience (STAGE) consortium of Christian colleges and universities providing qualified students with opportunities for an international student teaching experience. Over the past decades, around 100 education students from Wheaton College have completed their student teaching in various international schools around the world. These placements provide rich cross-cultural experiences and unique challenges. More information is found on Wheaton's Global Programs and Studies website.

I love that my job gives me the chance to have meaningful interactions with students every day. I get to teach, mentor and encourage young people who are going to make a huge difference in the future of their country and who will have an impact on countless lives. — Jon Steely '11, Senior School Curriculum Coordinator and Middle School History Teacher at Sekolah