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Department Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students who have already been accepted into WheTEP. 

Scholarships for those completing the Wheaton Teacher Education Program

Listed below are scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students seeking an Illinois educator teaching license through Wheaton College. In addition Wheaton College offers specific information and support for fellowships and scholarships, including the Sallberg Scholarship, a merit-based award the students with financial need and majoring in Business, Education, Science or the Conservatory of Music.

Other scholarships of note are the Golden Apple Scholars Program for aspiring teachers, which is only open to freshman and sophomores who are willing to teach in an Illinois school of need for 5 years after graduation.  Recipients receive up to $23,000 in scholarship funds toward college tuition over four years at Wheaton. And the Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship program is open to students of an ethnic minority background and offers up to $5,000 per year if the recipient agrees to teach in Illinois schools with student enrollments of 30% (or more) students of color.

Students seeking bilingual and ESL endorsements should be aware of these scholarships: Illinois TESOL/Bilingual Education scholarships are open to students seeking either of these endorsements and offer $1,000 for MAT students and $500 for undergraduates. Deadline: 1st Friday in January.   The National Association of Bilingual Education offers an annual scholarship for those pursuing a career in bilingual education. Applicants must be accepted into WheTEP in order to apply for this $2,000 award and the application deadline is Dec. 31st.

Scholarship Selection Process

The criteria for each of these may scholarships vary, but recipients for the following scholarships must be accepted into WheTEP. Faculty members of the Department of Education, in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid, apply the criteria to the applicants. Applications are available through the Department of Education in February of each year and must be submitted by the first week of March. Complete the Scholarship Application here.

Merit Based Scholarships

The Dorothy B. Dixon Merit Scholarship - Awarded to junior Education majors who show promise as future teachers

The Dorothy B. Dixon Merit Scholarship fund was started in 1983. This remarkable woman was the founder and director emeritus of the Grace Brethren Christian School in Temple Hills, Maryland. The school began in 1965 as a small day care center and she retired in 1987 when over 1,000 students were enrolled in pre school through 12th grade. Dr. Paula Martinez, one of her daughters, was a faculty member of the Department of Education at Wheaton College until 1995. This scholarship is awarded each year to junior or senior Education Majors who show promise as future teachers.

The Fadenrecht Memorial Fund - Provides funds for Education majors

The Fadenrecht Memorial Fund was established in 2008 in memory of and based on the preferences of Rose Fadenrecht and is not restricted to students with financial need. This memorial provides scholarship funds for students majoring in education.

The Wayne "Coach" Gordon Scholarship - Provides funds for Education majors who desire to teach in an urban setting

The Wayne "Coach" Gordon Scholarship was originally established for students majoring in the field of physical education, but is now open to other licensure areas. Wayne Gordon, ’74 worked and lived in the North Lawndale community throughout his career in teaching and investing in the lives of his students and neighbors. This scholarship provides funds for students majoring in education and desiring to teach in urban settings.

The Ann Haskins Special Education Scholarship - Provides funds for Education majors seeking the Special Education Endorsement

The Ann Haskins Scholarship is a result of a 2014 generous grant from The Ann Haskins Foundation to Wheaton College. This scholarship is awarded to students based on merit and potential for professional contribution. This professional contribution is intended to positively impact individuals with disability and their families through educational service delivery and systems change efforts. An additional brief essay is required as part of the application.

The Ruth Berg Leedy Excellence in Education Fund - Provides funds for a senior female education major

The Ruth Berg Leedy Excellence in Education Fund was originally established for students majoring in the field of physical education, but is now open to other licensure areas. The recipient must be a senior female who demonstrates leadership qualities, has clear evidence of mature Christian graces, and has a strong potential for making a significant contribution to young people through her teaching.

The Astrid A. Nerhus Merit Education Scholarship - Supports deserving junior, senior, or graduate Elementary and Secondary Education majors

Astrid Nerhus was an outstanding Chicago Public School teacher for 31 years, teaching biology first at the high school level and then teaching 6th grade science, math and literacy for the majority of her career. She and her husband, Raymond, raised three daughters who all graduated from Wheaton College's teacher education program in music education or elementary education and later completed degrees in special education in the areas of deaf education, learning disabilities, and social/emotional disorders. To honor her contribution to the field of public education, her family established an annual merit-based scholarship in her memory in 2018. Recipients must be accepted into WheTEP, have a minimum GPA of 3.3, and demonstrate an exemplary disposition toward teaching.

The Kenneth Roughton Memorial Scholarship - Supports deserving junior or senior Elementary or Secondary Education majors

The Kenneth Roughton Memorial Scholarship benefits any education major identified as having excellent potential as a teacher.

Need Based Scholarships

The Robert Locke Cooke Memorial Scholarship - Aids junior and senior Education majors who have financial need

Dr. Robert Locke Cooke served as Chairman of the Department of Education and Psychology from 1941-1955, and from 1945-1955 also served as Chairman of the Division of Education at Wheaton College. As a lasting tribute to his memory, friends established a scholarship fund to be used in aiding worthy education students who have financial need, which was always his deep concern throughout his Wheaton ministry. This scholarship is restricted to junior and senior students whose first or second major is education.

The Helen McLendon Ewert Memorial Scholarship - Assists in the financial needs of outstanding preservice teachers

The Helen McLendon Ewert Memorial Scholarship fund was begun in 1978, one year after she died of cancer. During the years prior to this time, Helen McLendon Ewert worked tirelessly with secondary English students as a member of the Education Department at Wheaton College. During graduate school she was an active member and strong supporter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Her efforts and experiences as a summer counselor and later as a board member also benefited the Pioneer Girls Organization. Her husband, Dr. Norman Ewert, Professor of Economics at Wheaton College, and his family established this scholarship in her honor to assist in the financial needs of outstanding preservice teachers.

The Gunzburger Education Scholarship - Provides funds for Education majors

The Gunzburger Education Scholarship was established in 2014 for education majors who are juniors, seniors, or M.A.T. students. It is based on merit and financial need. For seniors to be eligible, they must be accepted into the Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP).

The Elizabeth A. Kouwe Memorial Fund - Provides funds for a junior or senior Elementary Education major

The Elise A. Kouwe Memorial Fund in Education was established in 1994 in loving memory of Elise A. Kouwe. She graduated from Wheaton College in 1980. This memorial annually provides funds for one junior or senior elementary education student with financial need and is normally awarded in the fall semester.

The Timothy Education Scholarship Fund - Helps defray expenses and reduce loan obligations for junior or senior Education majors interested in entering public school teaching

The Timothy Education Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 to help defray expenses and reduce loan obligations for students of junior or senior standing interested in entering public school teaching. The donor intends to provide annual gifts to provide equal awards for up to two junior and two senior full-time undergraduate students majoring in education. The recipients will be selected annually by the Education Department and must have need based loans, be committed to teaching in public schools, and provide essay answers to two questions about their interest in education, their future professional goals, and how they intend to exemplify the Department of Education's Conceptual Framework as they live out their faith in Jesus Christ as educators in the public school system.