Faculty Perspective on the Natural Sciences

A preface to the guiding document on why the Natural Sciences are studied at Wheaton College.

Because the study of the sciences at Wheaton College is grounded firmly in our Christian faith, it is different from science education at most other colleges and universities. Our small publication, The Natural Sciences at Wheaton College: Understanding Their Significance in Light of Our Christian Educational Mission, seeks to clarify those differences and articulate the theological and intellectual context for the study of the sciences here.

This document is the product of careful conversations among the members of the natural science faculty at Wheaton College, who together have produced and endorsed the content of this document and who commend it for your study. The document also benefited from interdisciplinary discussion, reflected in the faculty acknowledgments shown below, as well as from conversation with our president and the members of our Board of Trustees who serve on the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board.

It is important for Christians to undertake the search for Truth in the natural sciences. We are committed to graduating women and men who will continue to learn and live in humility as they serve in the scientifically-grounded professions and also as scientifically literate nonscientists in God's kingdom worldwide. We invite students to join in the study of God's Creation in general education science courses and disciplinary major science courses and to celebrate God's good gifts of mind and heart as they continue their lives of learning and service.

This document addresses some fundamental principles important to scientists who are Christians. We are happy to share these with you. Best wishes for stimulating intellectual and spiritual experiences as you enter your journey of discovery in the sciences.

We invite you to read The Natural Sciences at Wheaton College.