Wheaton in China

The Wheaton in China experience features an immersive study of Chinese language and culture where students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how culture plays a profound role in human experience. Through observing how cultural difference affects the minds and hearts of people, students learn to better articulate their own cultural identity. 

This program is anticipated to run in Summer 2023 and will be updated with more information at a later date.

Program Overview

Wheaton in China is a six-week program that combines intensive language study and cultural courses, immersion and excursions. Students live and study on the campus of a Chinese university. The program offers cultural courses taught by host school faculty and on-site language courses where students are placed according to their language level. One cultural course is taught by a Wheaton faculty member. The program also includes visits to Beijing, Xi'an, and many local cultural and historical venues. Students have the opportunity to worship in local Chinese churches, meet Chinese Christians, and participate in service-oriented activities. The bi-annual program offers courses (6 Credits) at all levels of Chinese for all majors. Wheaton in China took place in Tianjin (2017 and 2015), in Guangzhou (2013), and in Beijing (2012).

Wheaton in China

In 2017, Wheaton in China took place in Tianjin. Students first spent the orientation week on Wheaton's campus and attended a cross-cultural course taught by Wheaton faculty. In Tianjin, they took Chinese language courses and participated in three types of classes weekly: whole-group class, small-group class and one-on-one conversation time. They lived and studied on the campus of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics for six weeks with one week of home-stay. After they returned from China, students completed a post-trip self-assessment and reflection project. The program also included excursions to various cultural and historical sites in Tianjin and Beijing, allowing students to get a glimpse of both present day and historical China. Students also had the opportunity to worship in local Chinese churches and participate in service-oriented activities.

  • Sponsoring Department: Modern and Classical Languages
  • Term: Anticipated Summer 2023
  • Anticipated Program Dates:  TBA
  • Estimated Cost:  TBA (airfare not included)
  • Prerequisites: CHIN 201 or program director approval
  • Eligibility: Wheaton in China program is open to all majors.
  • Highlights: Cross cultural orientation; total immersion program (Chinese only!); language courses taught by language and culture faculty members; room and board on a Chinese university campus and potential home-stay arrangement; fellowship with other international and local Chinese students; visits to cultural and historical sites; worship in local churches. 

Course Offerings


Program Fees

A Comprehensive fee includes tuition, lodging, administrative fees, orientation materials, group land transportation, meal cards, textbook materials, lectures as well as trips and cultural activities. Airfare, passport and visa, vaccinations, on-your-own meals, personal items are not included. Students arrange their own flight itinerary to and from Beijing.

Learn More

If you have questions or would like to know more about the Wheaton in China program, contact Prof. Rose Wang, Chinese Section Coordinator, for more information.

How to Apply

To apply, visit GoGlobal, Wheaton College's registration system for off-campus study and international travel, research, and internships.  A deposit of $500 is required with the application and will be applied toward the total cost of the program.