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Student Awards

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, GPS will not be awarding any funding for International Internship travel or for Global Scholar Research in Summer 2021. Check back in the 2021-22 academic year for information on both student awards for Summer 2022.

Awards for Students

International Internship Travel Award

Purpose:  The Global Programs and Studies Internship Travel Awards are available to provide partial support to students who wish to undertake internships for their major/minor or graduate degree program in an international or cross-cultural context.  Applications will be evaluated both on the basis of merit and demonstrated financial need.   Awards of up to $1,000 may be applied toward the costs of travel or living expenses.   

Eligibility:  Students may apply who will have met the eligibility requirements of their major/minor field of study or graduate degree program to enroll in an internship by the time the internship begins. All applicants must be in good academic and student development standing, and be eligible for international/off-campus travel with Wheaton College.

These funds may not be applied toward a HNGR internship.

International Internship Travel Award Application (graduate students use this application)

Common Application (undergrad students use this application)

Deadline: The online application must be submitted by TBD for Summer 2022. Both applications require recommendations. Please request your recommendation (found in the application) early and allow ample time for completion.

Post-Selection: Applicants selected to receive the International Internship Travel Grant are required to complete or have completed a GoGlobal application for their associated internship and be registered for an academic internship or zero-credit internship (G ST 490: Internship – 0 credit.)  Grant funds will not be disbursed until ALL internship application requirements are complete on GoGlobal.

Global Scholar Award

Advanced Global Research promoted by Global Programs and Studies through competitive awards.

Purpose:  The mission of Wheaton College’s Global Programs and Studies Initiative is to develop students’ capacities for global engagement through equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and concepts of intercultural competency through sustained and meaningful engagement with members of other cultures whether at home or abroad.  As one of the Global Programs and Studies programs, the Global Scholar Award supports undergraduate or graduate students to undertake research or a creative project that deepens awareness and knowledge of an issue facing the global community than would otherwise be possible in a traditional on-campus course or experience.   A wide range of topics will be considered, but they must be well-defined and undertaken in an international or cross-cultural context for a minimum of 8-10 weeks.  It is expected that the research or creative project will be carried-out during the summer; however, proposals will be considered for work during the normal academic year provided the project represents work over and above normal coursework.  All projects must be closely supervised by a faculty member who will also receive a stipend.  These awards are competitive and may be funded up to $3,000.00.  Students from any major or graduate program are eligible to apply.

Eligibility:  Undergraduate students from all majors with at least junior standing at the time of application and who will be enrolled for at least one semester on-campus after the period of the award may apply. Graduate students who have completed the equivalent of the first year of their graduate program and will be returning for at least one semester after the period of the award may apply.  All applicants must be in good academic and student development standing, including chapel throughout the period of the award and subsequent semester and be eligible for international/off-campus travel with Wheaton College. 

Application:  To apply for the award, please complete the Global Scholar Award Application Package and the and submit it along with all required supporting documentation:

to Global Programs and Studies, second floor of the Student Services Building in suite 240.

Guiding questions for completing each of the sections of the award application are provided in the Global Scholar Award - Annotated version of the Global Scholar Award Application. 

Deadline:  All application materials, including recommendations, must be submitted to Global Programs and Studies by TBD for Summer 2022. Applicants will be notified of the action on their proposal by the end of February.

Post-Selection:  Applicants selected as Global Scholar Award recipients will be required to complete an Independent International Travel and Research application on GoGlobal and register for a zero-credit internship (G ST 490: Internship - 0 credit); funds will not be disbursed until ALL application requirements are complete. In addition, since one of the primary goals of the award is to contribute to the overall globalization of the campus, award recipients are asked to attend a series of intercultural orientation seminars prior to the proposed activities and to make a presentation open to the campus community on the work completed.

Additional Information to be noted:

  • Creative projects include activities such as creative writing, musical performance or composition, theater productions, film, painting, photography, or sculpture among others.
  • Only one graduate student award is available each year.

Global Scholar Award Recipient 2019-20

NameMajor/Grad DegreeTitle of ProjectCountry
Danning Lu Environmental Science and Sociology  Narratives of Megacity Community Garden Participation with Case Studies in Beijing and Shanghai China
    Total Grant Funds Awarded: $3,000  

Global Scholar Award Recipient 2018-19

NameMajor/Grad DegreeTitle of ProjectCountry
Anna Cole International Relations and Music  Building Bridges Through Music: Syrian Musicians in Istanbul   Turkey
    Total Grant Funds Awarded: $5,000  

Global Scholar Award Recipient 2017-18

NameMajor/Grad DegreeTitle of ProjectCountry
Eric Hoskins Anthropology Resources in Relationships: Building NGO Capacity through Local Networks in the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Ethiopia
    Total Grant Funds Awarded: $5,000  

Global Scholar Award Recipient 2016-17

NameMajor/Grad DegreeTitle of ProjectCountry
Anmin (Chippy) Hui Anthropology Township Tourism in the Voices of the People: 
Re-Examine Township Tourism
South Africa
    Total Grant Funds Awarded: $5,000  

Global Scholar Award Recipients 2015-16

NameMajor/Grad DegreeTitle of ProjectCountry
Sara King International Relations Detecting the Prevalence of Somatic Symptoms and 
Related Disorders in the Musanze District of Rwanda
Reuben Duniya Biblical Exegesis Exegetical Reflection on the Biblical Foundations 
of Spiritual Mapping
    Total Grant Funds Awarded: $8,380.00  

Global Scholar Award Recipients 2014-15

NameMajor/Grad DegreeTitle of ProjectCountry
Sarah Han Anthropology Identity Construction of Baloch Women in Al Ain, UAE United Arab Emirates
Ruth Jeong Psychology Social Support and Depression: 
A Qualitative Study of the Elderly in Korea
South Korea
Fidelia Renne History and Political Science Peace in Translation: Anabaptist Peace Theology 
and Nicaraguan Political Conflict (1970s - 1980s)
USA and Nicaragua
    Total Grant Funds Awarded: $12,172.00