Faculty Emeriti

Wheaton College is proud to honor its Faculty Emeriti! Thank you for your many years of service to Wheaton. 

Mark Noll faculty emeriti photo
Mark Noll, Ph.D.
Professor of History Emeritus


Douglas Penney
Douglas Penney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Classical Languages Emeritus


Terry Perciante faculty emeriti photo
Terry Perciante, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus


William Phemister
William Phemister, D.M.A.
Professor of Music Emeritus


Cheri Pierson Faculty Headshot
Cheri Pierson, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Emerita


Pattle Pun PhD emeritus faculty biology wheaton college
Pattle Pun, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology Emeritus


Dean Reginald Rapp faculty emeriti photo
Dean Reginald Rapp, Ph.D.
Professor of History Emeritus


Jerry Root Faculty Headshot
Jerry Root, Ph.D.
Professor of Evangelism Emeritus


Leland Ryken faculty emeriti photo
Leland Ryken, Ph.D.
Professor of English Emeritus


photo professor emeritus christian formation ministry
Tom Schwanda, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Christian Formation & Ministry Emeritus


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