Politics and International Relations Lecture Series

Kamm Memorial Lecture on Law and Society

The Kamm Memorial Fund supports lectures and law-related symposia on campus. Recent speakers include Jim Gash, David Skeel, Barbara Armacost, John Witte Jr., Richard Garnett, and William Stuntz.

Dr. S. Richey Kamm, a Wheaton professor of history and political science for 34 years, had a remarkable impact on the lives of many undergraduates. As a teacher of political theory and constitutional history, he stimulated interest in public affairs and encouraged the study and practice of the law. To honor the legacy of this outstanding professor, friends and former students created the fund.

Tiffany Memorial Lecture on Foreign Affairs

The aim of the Tiffany Memorial Lecture on Foreign Affairs is to foster interest in and understanding of international affairs on the college campus. The department seeks to sponsor at least one major foreign affairs lecture each semester. Recent speakers include Andrew Brunson, Dan Coats, Victor Cha, Emma Green, Jeffrey Goldberg, Jessica Stern, Joseph Nye, Stephen Kinzer, Eric Posner, Michael Gerson, Philip Zelikow, and Tom Farr.

The Tiffany fund was established to honor the memory of Orin Tiffany, a long-time Wheaton history professor who had a passion for foreign affairs. Prof. Tiffany had the honor of attending the 1945 San Francisco Conference that established the United Nations.