Physics and Engineering News

Spiritual Opportunities at a Summer REU

Genevieve Nelson successfully applied for and was chosen to participate in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) for the summer of 2021 at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.While seeking to develop her expertise as a physics researcher, Nelson also desired to view her research as an opportunity for ministry.

Physics Professor Dr. Jim Schroeder Receives the American Astronomical Society 2023 Early Career Award

Awarded by the Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD) of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Wheaton College’s Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Jim Schroeder ’09 earned this award for his years of laboratory work confirming the acceleration of auroral electrons by Alfven waves

Announcing a New Four-Year General Engineering Major

Fifty years after Wheaton College first established its successful 3-2 dual degree engineering program, the Department of Physics and Engineering now offers a full four-year engineering major in addition to the 3-2 degree.

Faculty Author Publishes about Emergence with Prestigious Oxford University Press

Physics and Engineering department faculty member, Dr. Robert Bishop with two co-authors, has just published a book entitled Emergence in Context with “the world's leading university press” Oxford University Press (OUP).

A Glimpse into the Rising Generation of Educators

Eliana Chow ’21 writes about Joseph Milligan ’23, a missionary kid from Kenya, who is a double major in physics and secondary education, Comparing his visit to other schools than Wheaton, Milligan said, “At other schools I visited, I felt that they would be happy if I went there, especially with their generous scholarship offers. But nobody showed that they wanted me or cared about me in the same way that Wheaton’s people did."   

Engineering Balance

Jenna Watson '21 writes about Sarah Hernandez '24 who was accepted into Wheaton's dual degree engineering program.  “I thought the engineering program here was cool because you get your liberal arts degree, and you get your engineering degree,” Hernadez said. “If I had gone to another school, I was going to be doing two different majors.” 

Turning a Profit with a Purpose – Barnhart Crane & Rigging Company 

Chesterton SchuchardtIn February, about twenty students and a few other guests gathered in Wheaton’s engineering lab to listen to Chesterton Schuchardt ('20) introduce the Barnhart Crane & Rigging Company

Engineers Visit Premier Mechanical

Premier Mechanical Inc. focuses on design, construction and installation of HVAC systems around the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Celebrating Women: Wheaton Grad on SPS Alumni Engagement Team 

Alumni, SPSJennifer Ruda  (‘18), a high school physics teacher has joined the Society of Physics Students Alumni Engagement Program.

Investigating the Mystery of Northern Lights

Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Jim Schroeder ‘09 finds that electrons surfing across electromagnetic Alfvén waves is the force behind the awe-inspiring aurora borealis.

Physics and Engineering Department Seeking Lab Associate

The physics and engineering department has an open position for a lab associate. 

Wheaton Sophomore Awarded American Association of Physics Teachers' Scholarship 

Wheaton sophomore Tamara Watson (Physics Secondary Ed ‘23) has been awarded the Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers from the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Wheaton Grad. Hunts for Gravitational Waves

Steven Palladino's ('13) doctoral work attempts to detect gravitational waves from the birth of the universe. 

Mission to Mars: The Wheaton Connection

Wheaton Physics alumnus Roger Wiens '82 played a pivotal role in the Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars in February 2021. 

Faculty and Students Explore Life on Mars

During the Summer of 2020, faculty member Rhiannon Blaauw-Erskine and a group of nine physics students designed a million-person settlement on Mars.



Students and Faculty in Wheaton Magazine

Students and faculty from the Department of Physics and Engineering are featured in the most recent issue of Wheaton Magazine.

Physics Faculty Awarded NASA Grant

Assistant Professor of Physics Jim Schroeder ‘09 is part of a team of researchers who have recently been awarded a grant from NASA. 

Students Published in Journal

Physics students publish an article in the Journal of Undergraduate Reports in Physics. 

Rhiannon Blaauw
Faculty Awarded Templeton Grant

NASA scientist and physics lecturer Rhiannon Blaauw Erskine and fellow Wheaton prof Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt awarded major grant.

Remote Learning Experiment

The switch to remote learning during the spring had a significant impact on several of Genevieve Nelson's courses, heavily affecting her laboratory-based experimental physics course in particular. 

Whitney Elected SPS Zone 9 Councilor

Dr. Heather WhitneyDr. Heather M. Whitney has been elected Zone 9 Councilor for the Society of Physics Students National Council.

Recipient of the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Stephen McKayStephen McKay is one of two Wheaton students to have received the Goldwater Scholarship. 

Breaking New Ground with LiDAR

Wheaton College students and faculty have formed an intra-departmental team to create a process utilizing LiDAR technology to map changes at archeological sites, with Tel Shimron in Israel as the initial test location.

Heather Whitney Grant
Faculty Member Receives NIH Grant

Dr. Heather M. Whitney is Associate Professor of Physics at Wheaton College and a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Radiology at the University of Chicago.

Announcing a New Scholarship

The William Lewis Shuster Jr. Engineering Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to an incoming first year engineering student.

Mole image
New Moles Scholarship

Wheaton engineering student, Rebecca Geiger wins Moles scholarship.