Wheaton Sophomore Awarded American Association of Physics Teachers' Scholarship

Wheaton sophomore Tamara Watson (Physics Secondary Ed ‘23) has been awarded the Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers from the American Association of Physics Teachers. This is the second time she has received the award.

Tamara says, “Receiving the Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers is a tremendous honor and blessing. Not only has the award been a great help towards funding my education at Wheaton, it has also brought me into a supportive and challenging community of educators.”

Tamara grew up as a traveling homeschooler on a sailboat in Florida, the Bahamas, Central America, and Australia. After graduation, she intends to pursue her Master’s in education through Wheaton’s MAT program, and then hopes to teach high school or junior high physics internationally. She is interested in space exploration and the nature of light, and is passionate about missions and future generations.