William Lewis Shuster Jr. Scholarship

The Wheaton Physics and Engineering Department is grateful for the generosity of William George Shuster, class of ’68, in endowing a scholarship in honor of William Lewis Shuster Jr.  (1921-1995).


William Lewis Shuster Jr. and his wife Lieselotte Shuster

The William Lewis Shuster Jr.  Engineering Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to an incoming first year engineering student. The scholarship is renewable each year that the student remains in the engineering program pending good academic performance.

William Lewis Shuster Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the Dobbins Technical School in the Sheet Metal Layout and Development program.  Later he took evening classes at Temple University in management, blue print design, and public speaking.

He worked as a layout inspector, after  graduation, in an autogyro factory.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he volunteered for the United States Coast Guard and spent six years in the service, most of them on ships patrolling the Atlantic coast.

After the war, William worked as an assistant foreman or foreman in inspection departments in a number of factories in the Philadelphia area, spending  twenty- nine years at the Budd Company.  When he retired, he was a Senior Quality Control Foreman.

William grew up in the Christian and Missionary Alliance church and was a believing Christian. His life is summed up by Proverbs 22:29 “Show me a man who does a good job and I’ll give you a man who is better than most and is worthy of the company of kings.”