Colt Seager '16

Colt Seager '16

Interdisciplinary Studies Program Graduate 

Integrated Disciplinary Areas: Studio Art + Biblical & Theological Studies

What is your current role?

I work for myself as an artist.

What was the topic of your final project?

I explored the problematic relationship between art and theology in the evangelical church. By using the teachings of a Celtic tradition called the “Thin Place” and creating my own artwork, I began to rebuild the bridge between these two disciplines.

Why did you choose the IDS major at Wheaton?

I chose IDS because it seemed like an exciting environment to learn because of its non-traditional structure. The diversity of topics among fellow classmates is very unique and as a result, it fosters a dynamic space to explore and learn.

What benefits resulted from your participation in the IDS program?

IDS was a turning point for both my artistic practice and my faith. The program taught me the interconnectedness of all things—that all problems need a multi-disciplinary approach to find the solution. Dr. Davis was especially critical to my journey because he was really the first professor who pushed me beyond my comfort zone. He was blunt with me and provided the constructive criticism that I needed. It was uncomfortable at times, but it was in this process that I began to learn how to merge art and ideas with worship. In a very real way, these same concepts are still what push me to create today. The visual language of my paintings or sculptures are a manifestation of practice, contemplation, and prayers.

How did Wheaton's IDS program prepare you for your current work?

It prepared me to think creatively and across boundaries. This program was where my love for art was taken to a new level and I was pushed intellectually in a way that I never had been before. The foundation that IDS laid is what I have built upon in my career as a professional artist. Many of the ideas I explore in my artwork today were discovered during my time in IDS. This program was a key element in preparing me to step into the art world as a full time artist.

What would you say to someone who is considering the IDS major?

This major will change you for the better. You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone both academically and personally. It will provide you with the tools to think deeply, critically, and creatively. It is not an easy path, but it is a path where you will discover your God-given purpose on this earth.