Christina Goodrich '17

Christina Goodrich '17

Interdisciplinary Studies Program Graduate 

Integrated Disciplinary Areas: Applied Health Science + Spanish + Chemistry

What is your current role?

I recently graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry, and now work as an optometrist in Northern California.

What was the topic of your final project?

My final project was about ocular health and nutrition in the Latino population.

Why did you choose the IDS major at Wheaton?

I chose IDS because the major granted me the opportunity to focus my studies on a topic that I am passionate about while integrating multiple disciplines of interest. I appreciated the freedom to select the classes that best fit my interests and future academic goals, and I enjoyed approaching each course from the perspectives of my other courses.

What benefits resulted from your participation in the IDS program?

The IDS program transformed the way I approach learning. It formed the way I think, problem-solve, and interact with my colleagues. In my opinion, becoming an IDS major was one of the best decisions I made at Wheaton. The community within the program is intellectually stimulating, supportive, and inspiring.

How did Wheaton's IDS program prepare you for your current work?

Not only did the IDS program offer me the ability to begin learning about optometry in undergrad, but it also initiated my study of ocular health as it relates to nutrition and culture. This topic has continued to be an area of interest and research throughout my time in optometry school.

What would you say to someone who is considering the IDS major?

I would recommend glancing over some past IDS projects to see if you are intrigued or inspired by the work of those before you. If you are someone who enjoys finding the connections among various topics, someone with a curious mind, or someone with a unique area of academic interest, then I highly recommend setting up a meeting to discuss the IDS major with Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis is an incredibly wise and supportive mentor, and he leads the program with passion and dedication.