History Standards for K-5

Understand world geography and the effects of geography on society, with an emphasis on the United States (Illinois Geography)

History Standards, K-5 (2015) related to Illinois

Change, Continuity, and Context

  • SS.H.1.2. Summarize changes that have occurred in the local community over time.
  • SS.H.1.3. Describe how significant people, events, and developments have shaped their own community and region.


  • SS.H.2.1. Compare perspectives of people in the past to those of people in the present.  

Historical Sources and Evidence

  • SS.H.2.4. Using artifacts and primary sources, investigate how individuals contributed to the founding and development of Illinois.

Causation and Argument

  • SS.H.3.4. Explain probably causes and effects of events and developments in Illinois history. 

Internet Resources & Links

Recommended sites for Certification Test Preparation - Elementary Education Subject Matter

History of Illinois >>
This source begins with pre-Columbian history and extends to the present. It includes a fairly extensive listing of famous Illinois' people plus references to many secondary and a few primary sources. External links are also included.

E-Books related to Illinois >>
Primary sources are available that give insight to Illinois' early settlement. For example, look up Morris Birkbeck and read his letters from Illinois in 1818 explaining why he came and what conditions he faced as he settled here. This collection can be accessed in many ways, including a search by author.

Encyclopedia of Chicago >>
This is an extensive source for the history of Chicago and its relationship to the rest of the state. The user's guide may be helpful in getting started. All entries are listed in alphabetical order and include entries, historical sources, maps, and special features.

At Home in the Heartland >>
Six different eras in Illinois are featured. Time lines, maps, people, artifacts, clues to the past, and teacher resources are included for each era. The organization makes access easier.