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Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents have access to their son or daughter's grades or other information online?

Yes, via an application called Banner Proxy. Banner Proxy allows students to authorize parent access to specific academic, student account and/or financial aid information.  The student completes the Banner Proxy information in their my.wheaton,edu portal and the parent is sent an e-mail with information on how to set-up their own log-in information to view what has been authorized by the student. Current Wheaton students have been sent an email detailing how to set up access (a two-minute process).

Parents:  Review the Banner Proxy Access-Parent Instructions for more details.

Students:  Review the Banner Proxy Access-Student Instructions on how to set up Proxy Access for your parents.

Where can I get more information about Degree Works?

Please read the FAQs first. For additional questions, contact the Academic Advising Office.

Where can I find information about Wheaton College enrollment statistics?

How can I obtain a transcript of my work at Wheaton?

How can I register for classes?

  • Continuing students can register online using their Banner self-service account during designated pre-registration periods and over the summer. Students can continue to drop/add classes online through the first two weeks of each semester.
  • Incoming first-year students and transfers will register over the summer. Detailed registration instructions are mailed from the Academic Advising Office at the end of June to all incoming first-year students and from the Associate Registrar to all transfers.
  • New graduate students may register online or fax their registration statements to 630.752.5245.
  • Special (non-degree-seeking) students must register in person.
  • No registration is done over the phone.
  • Registration for most summer courses can be completed online through Banner Self-Service.

How can I get credit for courses I took at another college?

  • Current students must receive preapproval of transfer credit by completing either the Transfer of Credit Approval or  Request for Transfer Approval (PDF) (for graduate students) and returning it to the Registrar's Office. The form, with approvals or denials noted, will be sent back to the student via their email address.  Once a course has been completed at another college, the student must request an official transcript be sent from that college to the Wheaton College Registrar's office. After we receive the transcript, the Transfer Analyst will review it and determine how those credits will apply to your program at Wheaton.  New students do not need to complete the Request for Transfer of Credit form, their credits will be evaluated during the admissions process.
  • (PDF)

I just sent in my transfer credits. Can I have my time ticket adjusted?

  • Time tickets are created about 2 weeks prior to the registration period. Time tickets will not be adjusted for transfer credits received after that time.

Where can I get information about being a Consortium Visitor at another college?

How will my grades at another school affect my GPA at Wheaton?

  • Wheaton does not transfer grades, only credits, so your grades at another college will not affect your GPA at Wheaton.

How can I get my enrollment certified so my parents can get a Good Student Discount on their car insurance?

  • Wheaton College students and alumni may request a free Enrollment Verification Certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse to officially report/state their enrollment, registration, dates of attendance, and expected graduation date. Common uses for Enrollment Verifications include, but are not limited to, scholarships, financial aid, tuition assistance, insurance, employment, and visa requirements. To access this free resource, please follow the “Enrollment Verification Certificate” link within the Wheaton Portal listed under Banner Self Service.

Does the Registrar certify my enrollment to any other agencies?

  • Yes, Wheaton submits enrollment information to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse three times a semester (once during the summer). Guarantors, loan agencies, the Department of Education, and individual banks submit requests to confirm attendance. Enrollment certification for health insurance companies, veteran's benefits, Perkins loans, and health professions loans are handled individually through the Registrar's Office.
  • The Veterans Certifying Official in Student Financial Services will certify enrollment for students who have received a certificate of eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs. See next question.

Can I get veteran's benefits at Wheaton College?

  • Yes, you must first submit the application for benefits form 22-1990 to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. After you have been approved, bring a copy of the certificate of eligibility to Student Financial Services, and the certifying official will then certify your enrollment to the Department of Veterans Affairs each semester that you are enrolled at Wheaton, or until your benefits run out.

What is FERPA?

  • The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law enacted to establish procedures for disclosing information contained in student records and to protect the privacy of these records. The Act outlines students' rights with respect to their educational records and applies to currently enrolled students and former students but does not apply to individuals who have applied for admission but never attended Wheaton College. Details of FERPA are outlined in the Wheaton College  FERPA Policy Statement (PDF) and the  FERPA Notification of Rights (PDF) document.

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