System Requirements for Wheaton College Flex students

System Requirements for Wheaton College Flex students

Most faculty at Wheaton College will use a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver the academic content of their course. Schoology, our LMS, has published operating systems, mobile platforms, and browsers that they support here. Not all features are supported from the mobile app, so we recommend the use of a desktop computer or laptop. Your device should be equipped with a camera, speakers, and microphone (or a headset).

Internet Requirements and Connection Speeds
You will need dedicated access to the Internet to participate in Wheaton online courses. We recommend the following range:
MINIMUM: Broadband (high-speed) Internet connection with a consistent minimum speed of 1.5 Mbps
RECOMMENDED: Broadband (high-speed) Internet connection with a consistent speed of 4 Mbps or higher

Accessing Your Course from a Foreign Country
Some foreign countries may limit or prohibit access to certain U.S. websites, including YouTube,, and other sites required for completing your online course. It is your responsibility to review the course syllabus ahead of time and understand any limitations there may be in accessing required content. While using Wheaton’s VPN might or might not allow you to gain access to our LMS and other related content, it is your responsibility to be aware of and abide by any laws and regulations where you are located.

Your instructor will have recommendations and requirements for how frequently you access the course, post to the discussion board, and check your Wheaton College email account.

Nov. 2019