Live Event Support

Live Event Support

An icon of a stage light Sound, lights, projection, recording, and more for Wheaton College events.

The Event Production Services team supports approximately 500-600 events a year. Generally, our staff are not “on call” for “rapid response” from campus clients.  Our services are requested through 25Live, customers give an account number, and the details of an event are worked out through email. Customers are given a quote and we generally work 3-4 weeks ahead of an event.

How do I schedule staff to service my event?

When you reserve a room for your event using our campus' scheduling system, you will see two options to request event support. 

  1. A/V - Equipment Setup Only: No Staff | AIT will set up some simple equipment prior to your event.
  2. A/V - Equipment & Staff Support | AIT will fully plan, setup, and run your event’s audio, video, and lighting needs. 

Note: Generally, the college has tried to keep Sunday as a Sabbath for its employees.  Very few events are scheduled on Sundays, with All-School Communion being one of the very few exceptions.

Can I have my event live-streamed?

Streaming over the internet (via Boxcast) is available from our five auditoriums, but not from other spaces on campus. Customers who want events streamed should schedule one of these rooms.

  1. Edman auditorium
  2. Armerding Concert Hall
  3. Armerding Recital Hall
  4. Coray Alumni Gym
  5. Barrows Auditorium
  6. Bakke Auditorium (Self-op space that does not require AIT technicians, coming soon)

Will my department need to pay for services?

If you choose option 1 above, we charge a delivery and setup fee. If you choose option 2 above, we charge per person per hour for on-site staff at your event, including setup, teardown, video editing, and other production work. The event producer assigned to your event will work with you to estimate costs ahead of time.

Can I operate portable or installed equipment myself without staff assistance?

Some event venues, such as Barrows Auditorium or Coray Alumni Gymnasium, as well as many classrooms, have presentation and sound capabilities you can use yourself. Use our campus' scheduling system to find out more about your venue's capabilities. 

If you know how to set up and operate it, you can also bring equipment from Equipment Checkout into a space that doesn't have what you need installed already.  

Additional Questions? 

Send us an email!