Fax Resources

Fax Resources

An icon of a fax machine Learn how to send and receive faxes with our campus fax system, using either the  XMediusFax Web Client or a network printer.

Receiving Faxes

To learn how to receive faxes with our campus fax system, refer to the Knowledge Base article Receiving Faxes.

Sending Faxes

There are two possible methods for sending faxes. You and your department may use one or both of these methods to send your faxes, depending on your preference and need.

XMediusFAX Web Client

In this method, you may attach documents to your fax directly from your computer. This method is a convenient and secure option available to all employees.

Network Printer

In this method, you may walk up to your department’s network printer and scan your printed document to the correct fax number. This method is a secure option available to most network printers.