Computer Lab Software

Computer Lab Software

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We’re delighted to announce that we now have over 80 applications available via ThunderApps! Using this technology, students are able to access fully functional  computer based programs through a browser on their devices.


Some of the key benefits of ThunderApps are these:


  • The College can reduce the number of lab computers on campus and provide students with convenient access to the software they need, even from off-campus.
  • The power and graphics capabilities of the end user's device is not a limitation and has little impact on the overall experience.
  • We can provide students with access to expensive software for coursework.



Meyer Science Lab Art Lab Library Lab Psychology Lab
ArcGIS 10.8* Adobe After Effects CC 2019 IBM SPSS Statistics Premium 28 Win BASC 2 Assist
AutoCAD 2020* Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Win CVLT II Scoring Assistant
ChemDraw 12 std* Adobe Illustrator CC 2019   Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test 4
Comsol Multiphysics 5.5 Adobe Illustrator CC 2020   QSR NVivo 10.0*
CorelDraw Graphics X5* Adobe InDesign CC 2019   RIAP 5
Google Earth Pro 7.3.3 Adobe InDesign CC 2020   Stroop Color and word test scoring
Graphical Analisys 4.0* Adobe Lightroom Classic 2020   WIAT-III Scoring Assistant
IDL 8.7.3 Adobe Photoshop CC 2019   WPPSI-III Scoring Assistant
ImageJ 1.4.7i* Adobe Photoshop CC 2020   Delis Kaplan Scoring Assistant
JMP 16* Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2020   WCST- CV4 Scoring Assistant
LoggerPro 3.16* Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019   WISC-IV Scoring Assistant
Lyx 2.3.5 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020   WJ III Compuscore 3.0
Maple 2020* ON1 Photo Raw 2022   Nepsy II Scoring Assistant
Mathematica 12.3.1* ON1 Plugins 2022   A2S Utility Version 3.1
MathType 6.7*     BOT-2 ASSIST
Matlab R2021a*     Differential Ability Scales
nVivo 3.16 (I do not have nVivo published to all)     Genogram-maker
Origin 2020*     Malwarebytes Enterprise
Prism Graph 9*     MS Forefront Security
Putty (ssh) 0.72*     SPSS 28*
SolidWorks 2020*      
SPSS 28*      
Starry Night 8*      
Stata IC 16.0*      
VMD 1.9*      
Note: * indicates application available on ThunderApps   As of 12/16/2021  



All campus computer labs are equipped with printers that can print, copy and scan in black & white and in color. The cost is 4 cents per side for black & white printouts/copies and 12 cents per side for color printouts/copies. Students pay for printing using their student ID cards, which send the charge to Student Accounts. There is no additional charge for scanning.


Guests and Alumni

There are four computers in the Wheaton College Library for guests of Wheaton College to use. Alumni can sign in to any of the Library lab computers.