A Gap Year for Questions

Vanguards are curious.

We've created a Christ-centered, encouraging, and supportive space for you to explore your questions.

Our year is built around questions to help us better understand God's truth, our purpose, and how to live in light of the Great Commission. When you live in a close-knit and Christ-centered community like Vanguard, questions lead to authentic and significant conversations. The year provides diverse experiences that prompt meaningful reflection - seminars with Wheaton profs, opportunities to get involved in the local community, domestic and international trips, and more!

What kinds of questions do Vanguards ask?

We don't shy away from questions and we don't have pre-developed answers. Vanguards have entered the year asking questions like, "What do I really believe?" "What was I made to do?" "Who do I want to be?" "How do I live out my faith?" "Who is God?" "What is truth?"

What if I'm not asking those questions?

Maybe you have it all figured out - so we'll present some questions of our own! Based on the historic church calendar, we've crafted questions that guide conversations, seminars, and reflection during the year. You can check them out, below.

Liturgical SeasonSeminar Topic
Ordinary Time Why does God matter?
Advent What does it mean to be human?
Christmas Who and what is the church?
Epiphany What is truth?
Lent How do we respond to evil and injustice in the world?
Easter and Pentecost What is my purpose in light of the Great Commission?

What if we don't agree?

All of our staff and students must sign the Wheaton College Community Covenant. As a part of Wheaton College, HoneyRock is a community that both takes seriously the life of the mind and it's Christian community. While we are not a church, we are a community of Christians seeking to live according to biblical standards laid down by Jesus Christ for his body, the church. In joining this covenant, we are joining in a contract with other members of the Wheaton College Community. If one does not wish to live under the provisions of the contract, one should not sign it. 

Once signed, it should be the full intention of one to live with integrity under its provisions.

In short, at Vanguard we agree to live as our Community Covenant directs, but it's okay to question your faith - we welcome honest questions. 

I think the community really helped. The community was really encouraging, and they knew I needed time. It was really helpful to have people who were willing to pour into my life. I was given the space to seek and find God and answer the questions I was looking to answer. — Tori Cochrum '17
I don't think I would have discovered as much about myself if I had gone straight to college. — Emily Norbeck '17
I wasn’t in school, so I could focus on my questions and thoughts and ideas without the stress. I had a whole year to figure out what’s on my soul and in my brain and go to God about it…God definitely answered me. — Allie Lambert '19