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Do you know a student who's facing the "what happens after high school" dilemma or a parent who's helping navigate the conversation? Check out our virtual information events for Vanguard, the Gap Year of Wheaton College.

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Learn about Vanguard from the ones who have experienced it! Read stories, view photos, and get perspectives from past and current Vanguards on what it’s like taking a gap year at HoneyRock.

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The Christian Gap Year of Wheaton College

Build a vision for the future by bridging the gap between high school and college with a year unlike any other. You'll explore diverse cultures, navigate life's big questions, and live in a Christ-centered community. This year of hands-on education and leadership development will prepare you for the challenges of college and beyond.


Vanguard Gap Year at HoneyRock

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A Christian Gap Year by Wheaton College

Vanguard takes place at HoneyRock, the Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College. We leverage the camp environment to develop young adults into rooted, courageous, and humble leaders.

HoneyRock is located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in the Nicolet National Forest on a chain of 28 lakes. It has over 900 acres of facilities and resources for activities, learning, and adventure. Since 1951, HoneyRock—owned and operated by Wheaton College—has provided college preparation, leadership development, and spiritual formation for youth and young adults. 

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Stories from Vanguard Gap Year

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blake at midday prayer

Spiritual Rhythms of the Vanguard Gap Year

Blake Rittgers, Vanguard '21

Blake Rittgers is a current Vanguard Gap Year student at HoneyRock. Here, he shares more about the daily, weekly, and monthly spiritual rhythms that texture the school year at HoneyRock.

henry xuan

Fighting the Good Fight: My "Why Vanguard" Story

Henry Xuan, Vanguard '21

Vanguard Henry Xuan shares about his journey to Vanguard Gap Year and the ways he has seen God work in and through his life. He says, “We were put on Earth to make visible the invisible God. Who am I? I am the beloved. I will fight the good fight.”

charlie goeke smiling at honeyrock

Helping our High Schoolers Reveal and Replace Idols with Christ

Charlie Goeke, School Year Director

Upheaval and uncertainty tend to highlight our deep-rooted fears and idols. Our emotions, actions, and things we cling to for comfort might point to idols in our lives that have taken over where Jesus should be in our lives. While I’m writing about juniors and seniors in high school confronting their idols, this is just as applicable to me and you...