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College is about living a full life.

Friendships. Adventure. Learning. Exploring. Competing.

And loving Jesus in the midst of it all.

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Where are you on your college journey?

Your college journey is all about finding the right fit. Whether you've heard about Wheaton for the first or fiftieth time, take time to explore, learn, and decide for yourself if Wheaton is a fit for you.

Applying to Wheaton is a major milestone on the college journey. Take the next step towards your own Wheaton experience and learn about applying to Wheaton.

You've applied to Wheaton, and we are grateful to get to know you and your interests on the next leg of your journey. Take a look at what life at Wheaton could be like for you.

Your college journey doesn't have to end at one destination. Many transfer students have continued their journey to Wheaton already. Consider if transferring to Wheaton is the next step for you.

Your journey to college may include a gap year for service, for exploration, and developing who you are. Consider exploring your calling with Vanguard: the Gap Year of Wheaton College. Build a vision for the future by bridging the gap between high school and college with a year unlike any other: explore diverse cultures, navigate life's big questions, and live in a Christ-centered community. This year of hands-on education and leadership development will prepare you for the challenges of college and beyond.

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High School Curriculum Requirements

Find out the unit and curriculum requirements for application to Wheaton College.