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Nate Brown, Admissions Counselor

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Prospective students living in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee

In His Own Words

Nate Brown Admissions Counselor at Wheaton College (IL)

You are approaching one of the most important decision-making moments in your life, and I count it a distinct privilege to walk with you through this point in your journey. Navigating the college search isn’t an easy process, so my prayer for you is the same as Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church—that God “may give you the Spirit of wisdom” as you seek His will for your next step.

While I did not attend Wheaton for my undergraduate years, I’m no stranger to its community and value. Studying mathematics in a Christian liberal arts context led me to Wheaton’s campus my senior year of college to hear from former president of the Mathematical Association of America, Francis Su. Through his presentation of a practical application of Helly’s theorem, I was able to see a connection between mathematics and the social sciences, all within the context of a community rooted in Christian virtue. For me, that was a uniquely high-caliber experience that was totally unexpected to say the least. I came to understand that this type of experience was to be expected at Wheaton College.

I look forward to getting to know you more in the coming months. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I am eager to assist you in this process and welcome you on our campus.

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