Talk Like a Wheatie

If you feel like your student is speaking an entirely different language at times, this guide can help. Study the lingo and before you know it, you’ll be talking like a Wheatie too!

1–2–1: A network of upperclassmen who serve as guides and friends for incoming
students of color as they transition to Wheaton

#MyWheaton: The hashtag used to share your Wheaton experience

AIT: Academic and Institutional Technology is the department that handles Wheaton’s
tech-related needs

Axis: International student committee designed to identify and meet the needs of
international students while celebrating culture

BAM: BreakAway Ministry provides Spring Break ministry opportunities for students,
faculty, and staff

The Bench: The Senior Bench is one of the oldest and most legendary campus rivalries

BGC: The Billy Graham Center is a major landmark on the south side of campus
named after one of our most famous alums

Canvas: A series of events for sophomores to help understand what God is preparing
you to do in your vocation

CFI: Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation, with a mission to offer resources and programming that emphasizes how Christian calling is a call to whole-life discipleship. 

CLC: Community Life Council is an organization of sophomore floor reps who seek to
facilitate community in the residence halls

CPO: College Post Office (pronounced “sea-po”)

CSC: Christian Service Council provides weekly/monthly ministry opportunities in the
Chicagoland area

CU: College Union is the student organization that plans campus-wide activities like
the Talent Show and concerts

CVC: The Center for Vocation and Career helps students plan and prepare for vocation
after being a student at Wheaton through one-on-one meetings, workshops, events, and
on-line resources

Dekes: (Diakonoi) Sophomore students who work with the Admissions office to host
prospective students

DSG: Discipleship Small Group

DWAM: Dine With A Mind—Enjoy a meal with a faculty or staff member. Pick up a meal
card in the Student Activities Office

Fischer Beach: The lawn and volleyball area south of Fischer Hall

Forum Wall: A sticky board to post thoughts and opinions outside CPO

Go Guides: Upperclass student leaders who support orientation programming and
Community Service Day

GPS: Global Programs and Studies helps support, resource and
encourage students to study outside of Wheaton’s classroom

GRA: Graduate Resident Adviser is a graduate student living in the residence hall who
helps the RD support, serve and train the RAs and care for the students in their building

GUP: Global Urban Perspectives provides opportunities to learn through service during
the summer months in urban settings

HNGR: Human Needs and Global Resources is a certificate and internship program that
equips students to address needs of the Global South

HP: Honduras Project is a Spring Break trip that provides a water system to a rural
village each year

ISP: International Student Programs

Intra: Wheaton’s internal website where you can find helpful information including who’s who

Koinonia: An Asian American student organization which invites all students to
celebrate and explore the uniqueness of the Asian identity in Christ

Low Beams: The lower level of the Beamer Center

Meyer: Refers to the science building next to the Beamer Center

MSC: The building in the middle of campus that houses Wheaton’s center for Political
Science, Economics & Public Policy

OC: Orientation Committee

OCO: Office of Christian Outreach

OMD: Office of Multicultural Development

Perry: An excavated “pet” mastodon on display in the Meyer science building

RA: A Resident Assistant is an upperclass student who lives on each floor and helps to
serve their floormates through leadership, counsel, community-building, and friendship

RD: The Residence Director is a full-time professional who oversees the residence hall
and supports, serves and trains the GRAs, ARDs and RAs and cares for the students
in their building

SAGA: An affectionate, informal term used by students to refer to the Dining Hall

SAGA-O: The turnaround at the Kingdom sign at the south end of the Beamer Center

SAGA Swipes: The balance of meals used or remaining on a block meal plan

Sam’s: The Café in the Beamer Center where you can pick up a drink named after
your favorite Wheaton College icon

SAO: Student Activities Office

SG: Student Government— liaison between administration, faculty, and students

Smaber: Refers to Smith and Traber buildings as one residence hall

SMP: Student Ministry Partners provides opportunities to learn through service
during the summer months in international settings

Solidarity Cabinet: Promotes unity on campus through racial reconciliation
education and conversation

SRC: Sports and Recreation Complex: Gyms and workout facilities

Student Alumni Board (SAB): A student leadership group dedicated to connecting
students and Wheaton alumni with each other

Student Chaplains: Student leaders that care for the spiritual needs of campus

TCKs: Third Culture Kids are students who have spent a significant part of their lives
living cross-culturally

Thunderbucks: 1 Thunderbuck = $1 Available on your ID card for use at the Stupe or
Sam’s (50 Thunderbucks come standard with most meal plans)

ThunderLink: is Wheaton’s on-line job board. From yard work to full-time positions, you
can find them all here

Tor: Wheaton’s mascot seen at a variety of campus events

The Stupe: A hub of social life in the Beamer Center…best place to get a burger

The U: Fischer parking U and driveway

Unidad: A student leadership team that invites all students to come together through
the unity that we all have in Christ to celebrate and explore Latino cultures

Up the Tower: Ringing the Tower Bell in Blanchard is one of Wheaton’s oldest traditions
to announce/celebrate engagements and weddings of students and alumni

Wade Center: The English Tudor museum/house that archives a collection of 7 British
authors’ papers and material including C.S. Lewis paraphernalia (one of his wardrobes)

WCF: World Christian Fellowship is a venue for community worship, prayer, and
teaching that is focused on the global body of Christ (hosted on Sunday nights)

Westgate: Home to the Alumni office on the corner of Union and Washington

Who’s Who: An online directory of students, faculty, and staff, just a click away at

Willie–O: A student group that fosters community among Black students as well as
creating opportunities for all students to learn about and experience Black Culture

YHM: Youth Hostel Ministry provides opportunities to learn through service during the
summer months traveling and working as part of the hosteling community in Europe