The Tower

Wheaton's yearbook dates back to the late 19th century

The Tower's legacy extends back to the early 1920s. Its predecessor, Echoes, started in the late 1800s. Over the years, The Tower has changed according to the styles of each issue's time, yet the content has remained consistent throughout its run.  The Tower has also won many All American awards.  Many of The Tower's editors have gone on to distinguished careers as ministers, theologians, scientists, professors, designers, missionaries, lawyers, and doctors.

Making a yearbook is creation in concert.  A group of students come together to creatively and skillfully extend Wheaton's memory, to capture each year's worth of moments. In this ambition, there is both challenge and success, but when the dust clears and the printers cool, our editors still gather in the office, surround our work table, procure our copy, arrange our pictures. To this end, the final publication of The Tower has approached. The 2015-16 yearbook is the concluding edition after more than 90 years. Please join us in celebration of the memories created through and recorded by the final and previous editions of The Tower.

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