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Solidarity Cabinet

In Solidarity...

Solidarity Cabinet's mission is to promote anti-racism at Wheaton through learning, lament, activism, and celebration.


  • Provide resources and guidance for students seeking to understand antiracism.
  • Facilitate dialogue between students, faculty, and staff about privilege and oppression.
  • Bring to light the history of minority groups on campus.


  • Practice regular lament for incidents of racism - both individual and systemic.
  • Acknowledge our own, our campus’, and our nation’s passivity and oppression.
  • Whenever possible and respectful, listen to minority stories and histories.


  • Speak out against policies on campus that promote inequities, and seek opportunities to actively converse and partner with institutional leaders to change such policies.
  • Invite students to become actively engaged in activities that promote equity on campus and elsewhere.
  • Provide opportunities for minoritized people to be allies to each other and empower white students to be allies to those who are minoritized.


  • Embrace diversity of experience and culture within a unified church body.
  • Collaborate with other organizations on campus to amplify minority voices.
  • Recognize improvements in race relations on and off campus.


Our vision is for Wheaton College to be an antiracist campus that laments racial injustice, dismantles racist ideologies, and celebrates all people as fellow members of the Body of Christ.

2021-2022 Solidarity Board

President - Elise Kim
Vice President - Hannah Helinsky
Chaplain - Caleb Penney
PR Manager - Faith Garringer 
Event Coordinators - Alese Antonello, Katie Wilcox
Contact Solidarity Cabinet at solidarity.cabinet@my.wheaton.edu
or on instagram at @wtnsolidarity