Solidarity Cabinet

In Solidarity...

Solidarity Cabinet's mission is to promote Christ-centered diversity through Biblical justice and anti-racist education, as well as to support collaborative student programming that provides space for race-based advocacy, learning, and community building.


2023-2024 Solidarity Board

President - Hannah Helinsky



  • Provide resources and guidance for students seeking to understand Christ-centered diversity and antiracism.
  • Facilitate dialogue between students, faculty, and staff about privilege and oppression.
  • Highlight the histories of minority groups on campus.


  • Practice regular lament for incidents of racism - both individual and systemic.
  • Acknowledge our own, our campus's, and our nation's racial passiveness towards marginalized communities.
  • Respectfully affirm, believe, and listen to minority students' stories and histories.


  • Speak against practices or policies on campus that promote inequities and seek opportunities to converse actively and partner with institutional leaders to initiate change.
  • Invite students to actively engage in activities that promote equity on campus and in society.
  • Provide opportunities for allyship between White students and minority student groups.


  • Embrace diversity of experience and culture within a unified church body.
  • Collaborate with other organizations on campus to amplify minority voices, cultures, and lived experiences.

Solidarity Cabinet's vision is to cultivate bridged and safe spaces where students can engage in Christ-centered diversity—together, lamenting and repenting of racial injustice, exploring individual racial identities, advocating for marginalized communities, and celebrating diverse experiences and histories as a united body of Christ.

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