Shalom Community

The Shalom Community is a Christ-centered intentional, multi-racial living learning community that seeks to cultivate a Biblical framework for diversity, cross-cultural restorative dialogue, and self-awareness through residency, academic curriculum, educational programming, discipleship, and worship, in order that students may be whole and effective Christians for interracial healing and the dismantling of racism within the church and society.

The Shalom Community is a living and learning community born out of a partnership between Residence Life and the Office of Multicultural Development. It’s an opportunity for like minded students to live together and not only share their common interests, but their living space as well.

Focused around the topic of racial reconciliation, students living in the Shalom Community will have the opportunity to attend a class together, share weekly meals, plan and implement events for the campus, and interact with the community outside of Wheaton. The Mission and Vision of the Shalom Community:

The Shalom Community Mission

The Shalom Community contributes to students becoming whole and faithful Christians who pursue interracial healing and challenge racism within their spheres of influence.

The Shalom Community Vision

To cultivate a Biblical framework for diversity, cross-cultural restorative dialogue, celebration of ethnic and racial diversity, and self-awareness within the context of a Christ-centered, multi-racial living learning community, including academic curriculum, educational programming, and Christian fellowship.

Are you interested?

Well, how would you answer the following questions?

  • What biblical ideas [principles] or examples influence your views and behavior about diversity or community at Wheaton College?
  • Why/how have these principles affected you in tangible ways at Wheaton College?
  • Why are you interested in being part of the Shalom Community? What do you hope to gain, and what are you concerned about?
  • What other commitments have you made for the coming school year (please include work, church, on and off campus commitments, etc.)?