Information Packet

For Survivors of Sexual Assault/Violence, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking

I. Seeking Medical Assistance & Preserving Evidence

The College encourages all victims of sexual violence to seek immediate assistance from a medical provider for emergency services, including treatment of any injury, testing for and treating of sexually transmitted infections, and to collect and preserve physical and other forms of evidence. Seeking medical attention helps preserve the full range of options, including the options of working through the College’s Title IX procedures and/or filing criminal complaints. Many services regarding sexual violence are free.

Local medical assistance can be obtained at

  • Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital (“CDH”)
    Emergency Department
    25 N Winfield Rd.,
    Winfield, IL 60190
    (630) 933-1600.
  • Edward Hospital Emergency Room
    801 S. Washington
    Naperville, IL 60540
    (630) 527-3000
    Both CDH and Edward employ trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (“SANE”) nurses to assist individuals and collect physical evidence necessary for law enforcement. Even if an individual has not been physically hurt, a timely medical examination is recommended so that forensic evidence can be collected and preserved.

II. Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Victims/survivors of sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to report the misconduct by:

  • Contacting the Title IX Coordinator(s)
    • Director of Equity and Title IX Coordinator
      Beth Maas
      Student Services Building #211
      (630) 752-7885
    • Deputy Title IX Coordinator & Equity Officer for Students,
      Carrie Williams
      Student Services Building #214
      (630) 752-7472
    • Deputy Title IX Coordinator Equity Officer for Employees
      Karen Tucker
      Blanchard #154
      (630) 752-5060
  • Contacting Public Safety
    Department of Public Safety
    Phone: (630) 752-5911
    In Person: Chase Service Center 
  • Reporting On-Line 
  • Filing an Anonymous and Confidential Electronic Report 
  • Amnesty for Good Faith Reports of Sexual Misconduct
    The College encourages victims/survivors to report sexual misconduct and seeks remove any barriers to making a report. Therefore, the College provides amnesty for good faith reports of sexual misconduct even if the student engaged in conduct outside of the Student Handbook (e.g. drinking alcohol or using drugs).

III. Reporting to Law Enforcement

Victims/survivors of sexual misconduct are encouraged to contact proper law enforcement authorities (e.g., by calling 911), including local police, about possibly filing a criminal complaint. Complaints may be made to the Wheaton Police by calling (630) 260-2161. The Title IX Coordinator(s), Confidential Advisors, and Public Safety officials are available to assist.

IV. Orders of Protection, No Contact Orders, and Restraining Orders

Victims/survivors of sexual misconduct may seek a judicial no-contact order, restraining order, protective order, or similar lawful order issued by criminal or civil courts.

V. Campus & Community Resources

Campus Resources

  • Confidential Advisors for Survivors of Sexual Misconduct
    Victims/survivors of sexual misconduct may speak with the College’s designated Confidential Advisor who provide emergency and ongoing support to individuals who experienced sexual misconduct. Our Confidential Advisor are:

    Marie Morrison, Ph.D - On Campus
    Wheaton College Staff Therapist
    Contact number: 1-630-752-5319
    Business hours: M, Tu, thu, Fr 8-1pm Wed 8-12pm

    Raven Fisher, MA, LCPC – Off Campus
    Owner and Therapist
    Nave Wellness Center, PLLC
    Contact phone number: 1-877-929-6283
    Business hours: M-T 10am-5pm
    After hours: 8am-10am, 5pm-7pm, and Fridays 10am-5pm

Community Resources

The following off-campus agencies are available to discuss incidents of misconduct in confidence.

Sexual misconduct resources

  • National Sexual Assault Hotline
    1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
    Information and referrals for rape, sexual assault, dating, and domestic violence.
  • YWCA Patterson and McDaniel Family Center Hotline
    Business (630) 790-6600
    2055 W. Army Trail Rd. Suite 140
    Addison, IL 60101
    Confidential sexual violence and support services for DuPage County
  • Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault Hotline (24/7)
    415 W. Golf Rd., Suite 47
    Arlington Heights, IL
    Medical and legal advocacy and counseling services

Legal assistance resources

Visa and immigration assistance

Additional resource for students

  • Student Care Services is available to offer equitable follow-up care and relevant resources to all students who find themselves going through an investigation process, including Respondents. We are here to provide you with assistance to ensure your overall wellness as well as your academics are attended to. Please contact our office at 630-752-5797 to schedule an appointment to learn of ways in which we come alongside you as you work through an Equity and Title IX Process.

Additional resource for all employees and their household members:

VI. Accommodations & Supportive Measures

The College will provide supportive measures to parties. This can include referral to counseling and health services; referral to the Employee Assistance Program (for all employees and houshold members); removing a student, employee, or other individual from campus, modifying course schedules, work arrangements, dining accommodations, or housing; offering campus escorts, and issuing a mutual “no contact” order between the parties.

Last updated: 2022-11-21