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Chapel Schedule

Chapel reflects the interdenominational nature of the College and includes speakers known for their Christian leadership and message to the church and culture.

Spring Semester Schedule 
January - April 2021


January 20

Acts 1:1-13
Our Family Business
Dr. Philip Ryken

January 22

Psalm 96: A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Declare His Marvelous Deeds
Among the Peoples"
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Remembered
Christy Vosburg, Assistant Director
Wheaton in Chicago

January 25

Acts 2:1-13
"Our Beginning"
Chaplain Greg Waybright

January 29

Psalm 57: A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Let Your Glory Be Over All the Earth"
Sam Ruff, Senior
President, Refuge


February 1

Acts 2:14-24, 36-41
Our Prophecy
Donté Ford, Assistant Professor of Music &
Associate Chaplain for Worship Arts

February 5

Psalm 145: A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"One Generation Commends Your
Works to Another"

Dr. Robert Brabenec
Professor of Mathematics

February 8

Acts 4:1-21
Our Courageous Witness
Stephen Cartwright, M.Div.
Residence Director, Fischer Hall 

February 10

Life Together Groups

February 12

Psalm 27:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Whom Shall I Fear?"
Jordan Burton, Junior

February 15

Acts 2:42-46; 4:32-37
Our Earliest Community
William Osborne Society

February 17

Life Together Groups

February 19

Psalm 95:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"God is Our God and We are the People
of His Pasture"
Dr. Hana Yoo, Assistant Professor
Marriage & Family Therapy

February 22

Acts 5:1-11
Our Commitment to Honesty
Where Are the Women Conference
Dr. Christin Fort
Assistant Professor of Psychology

February 24

Life Together Groups

February 26

Psalm 1:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Blessed is the One...Whose Delight
is in the Law of the Lord"
Heidi Daniels, Assistant Director
Human Resources - Staffing & Development


March 1

Acts 5:27-41
Our Ultimate Allegiance
HNGR Interns

March 3

Life Together Groups

March 5

Psalm 18:25-36:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Who is God Besides the Lord?"
Blake Chaput '22
Student Chaplain for Hospitality

March 8

Acts 6:1-7
Our Diversity Challenges
Dr. Nathan Cartagena
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

March 10

Life Together Groups

March 12

Psalm 87:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"The Lord will Write in the Register of
the Peoples: 'This One was Born in Zion"

March 15

Acts 8:26-40
"Who is in God's Family"
Dr. Esau McCaulley
Assistant Professor of New Testament

March 17

Life Together Groups

March 19

Psalm 117:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Praise the Lord, All You Nations"
Julius Hagan, MA 2020

March 22

Acts 9:1-19
"Our Enemies Become Family"
Dr. Rochelle Scheuermann
Associate Professor of Evangelism &
Leadership; Director of MA Programs in
Evangelism & Leadership, Missional Church
Movements, Ministry Leadership, & Global

March 24

Life Together Groups

March 26

Psalm 133:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"How Good and Pleasant it is when
God's People Live Together in Unity"
Esther Kim, '21
Discipleship Ministries
Family Groups Member Coordinator

March 29

Acts 10:30-43
Our Good News
Holy Week
Dr. Richard Schultz
Blanchard Professor of Old Testament

March 31

Life Together Groups


April 5

Acts 11:19-26; 13:1-3
Our Gifts of the Word and the Spirit
Dr. Gregory Lee, Associate Professor
Theology &  Urban Studies; Senior Fellow,
The Wheaton Center for Early Christian

April 7

Life Together Groups

April 9

Psalm 40:1-5:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Many, Lord my God, are the Wonders
You have Done"
Theology Conference
Dr. Jeffrey Barbeau, Professor of Theology

April 12

Acts 16:6-15
Our Divine Guidance
Ray Chang, Chaplain's Office
Ministry Associate for Discipleship

April 14

Life Together Groups

April 16

Psalm 25:4-18:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Teach Me Your Ways, O Lord;
Make Them Known to Me."

Jess Weary, Student Chaplain for Prayer
with Zoe's Feet

April 19

Acts 17:16-34
Our Outreach to Society
Chaplain Greg Waybright

April 21

Life Together Groups

April 23

Psalm 47:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"God is the King of All the Earth"
Student Chaplains

April 26

Acts 20:17-24
Saying Farewell
Dr. Philip Ryken

April 28

Life Together Groups

April 30

Psalm 118:1-9, 26-29:  A Song, A Psalm & A Story
"Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good"
Senior Worship


Life Together Groups

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