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Chapel Schedule

Chapel reflects the interdenominational nature of the College and includes speakers known for their Christian leadership and message to the church and culture.

Spring Semester Schedule
January - April 2022



January 31 

The Bond We Share: Jesus, Gospel, Holy Spirit
Inspired by the St. John's Bible


February 2

John 2:1-11
The Provider
Chaplain Greg Waybright

February 4

Psalm 42
My Soul Thirsts for the Living God
President's Town Hall

February 7

Psalm 34
Blessed Are Those Whose Sins Are Forgiven
Wheaton in Chicago 

February 9

John 5:1-15
The Shalom-Giver
Jo Anne Lyon

February 11

Psalm 133
Tara Beth Leach

February 14

Genesis 1:26-28
The Beauty of Sexuality
President Philip Ryken

February 16

John 6:1-14
The Satisfier
All Music Chapel

February 18

Psalm 91
William Osborne Society

February 23

Missions in Focus
Mathew John
Christ & Other Religions

February 24

Missions in Focus
Mathew John
Christ & Other Religions

February 25

Missions in Focus
Mathew John
Christ & Other Religions

February 28

Philippians 2:6-11
The Mind of Christ
Dave Dummitt


March 2

John 6:16-24
The Sovereign One
HNGR Interns

March 4

Psalm 67
"May all the peoples praise you, God"
Center for Faith and Disability

March 14

Acts 2:38-47
The Beautiful Community
President Philip Ryken

March 16

John 9:1-25
"I was blind and now I see"
Chaplain Greg Waybright

March 18

Psalm 73
"Earth has nothing I desire besides You"
Adonya Little

March 21

Philippians 2:19-20
Examples of Faith
Dr. Jerry Park
Ivan Fahs Symposium

March 23

Andrew Peterson

March 25

Psalm 84
Better is One Day in Your House
Honduras Project

March 28

Philippians 3:1-11
Knowing Christ
Class Chapels

March 30

John 10:1-14
The Good Shepherd
Malcolm Guite


April 1

Psalm 90
Establish the Work of Our Hands

April 4

Philippians 3:12-14
Pressing Forward
Philip Yancey

April 6

Wesley Hill

April 8

Psalm 97
"I will be with them in trouble, says the Lord"
All Music Chapel

April 11

Philippians 4:1-7
Joy, Prayer, Peace
Ray Chang

April 13

Isaiah 53:1-12
The Beauty of the Ugly Cross
President Philip Ryken

April 18

Philippians 4:8-9
The Importance of the Mind
Ken Medema

April 20

John 11:1-16
The Death Defeater
Department Chapels

April 22

Psalm 139
"See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting"
Stephen Cartwright

April 25

Philippians 4:10-20
Chaplain Greg Waybright & Dr. James W. Rankin

April 27

Honors Convocation

April 29

Psalm 121
My Help Comes From the Lord
Senior Worship

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