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The Fellowship of the Rope

Tags: Spiritual Life | My Wheaton

Here at Wheaton College I am learning alongside peers, faculty, and staff how to be an intellectual mountaineer. Read More

Opera Music Theater at Wheaton

Tags: The Arts | Student Activities | My Wheaton | Campus | Conservatory

“I love the people in the conservatory,” she says. “Because there are so few of us and we’re constantly in the same building, we get to know each other really well. It becomes a really close-knit community.” Read More

Opus: The Art of Work Launch Week

Tags: The Liberal Arts | My Wheaton | Campus

Steve Garber, Dr. Kristen Page, Phil Vischer, and Mark Woodworth each spoke brilliantly on how art and science are never separate within their respective professions, but are integral parts of their work. Read More

My Passion: For Christ and Kingdom

Tags: Spiritual Life | My Wheaton

In my evangelism and leadership master’s program, I am receiving from faculty and the community the skills and grace necessary to sharpen my ability to inspire hearts, inform heads, and empower hands of emerging leaders. Read More

Dance as Worship: Zoe's Feet

Tags: The Arts | The Liberal Arts | Spiritual Life | My Wheaton | Campus

When I step onto a dance floor, especially when I’m there by myself just worshiping God, there’s this peace that comes over me. Read More

Weekly All-Campus Prayer

Tags: Spiritual Life | My Wheaton | Campus

God is stirring a passion for prayer on this campus. This, I have been told, is customary before God brings revival to Wheaton. Read More

Kodon: Wheaton's Literary and Arts Journal

Tags: The Liberal Arts | My Wheaton

Reading the work of students on campus forces me to square up with other creatives in a way I otherwise wouldn’t, causing me to constantly reevaluate the necessity of my work at Kodon, and my work as a writer in general. Read More

My Koinonia Family

Tags: Spiritual Life | Student Activities | My Wheaton

Due to the kindness that Koinonia cabinet showed me, I could no longer stubbornly hold on to the negative image I had of Koinonia. Read More

The Life of an RA

Tags: The Liberal Arts | My Wheaton

Kathryn, a junior, chose to forego the privileges that come with upperclassman housing for the sake of embracing the unique joys and challenges of being a Resident Assistant on a floor of freshman and sophomore women. Read More

My Wheaton College Psychology and HDI Experience

Tags: My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

There is so much need in a place like Kakuma, and it can seem like such a hopeless place. But our HDI training gave the community some hope, and helped set them on the path toward healing. Read More