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Top 5 #MyWheaton Posts From 2016-17

Tags: The Arts | The Liberal Arts | Spiritual Life | Student Activities | My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

Looking back, this year has been full of excitement and unique experiences for individual students and the campus as a whole, many of which have been featured in this very blog. Read More

A Closer Look at Wheaton's Engineering Program

Tags: My Wheaton | The Liberal Arts

Wheaton’s engineering program is unique because it allows students to receive both an excellent Christian liberal arts education and a robust engineering education at any of the partner ABET-certified engineering schools. Read More

Uncovering History in the Middle East

Tags: Global and Experiential Learning | My Wheaton | The Liberal Arts

One of my favorite aspects of excavating is the variety of people who participate. Volunteers usually represent an array of nationalities, a wide age range, and multiple religions. Read More

Spreading a Message of Love

Tags: The Arts | Spiritual Life | My Wheaton

Steve considers himself passionate, fun-loving, and a “reckless dreamer” and hopes to use the foundations of his faith and his artistic talent to reach people with a message of love, hope, and redemption. Read More

My First Semester With Christ At The Core

Tags: The Liberal Arts | Spiritual Life | Student Activities | My Wheaton

The Christ at the Core curriculum may be new but it’s goal of keeping Christ at the center of every academic pursuit is something I admire. Read More

The Shalom Community: Gospel and Praxis

Tags: Spiritual Life | My Wheaton

Through our common faith in Christ, each of us has the ability to honor other bearers of the Imago Dei and share each other’s narratives in our spheres of influence. Read More

The Study of Creation

Tags: The Arts | The Liberal Arts | My Wheaton

I think that inevitably studying both biology and art leads to a study of creation. Read More

New Year's Resolutions at Wheaton

Tags: My Wheaton

I have only been back for three days, and already I have noticed the increased traffic at the Sports and Recreation Complex, a busier salad bar, and more resistance in responding to late-night bowling invites. Read More