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Campus Houses

Hear from the Resident Director of campus houses.

25 total Campus Houses

Undergraduate students: Twenty-two campus houses are available for undergraduate use. They are assigned through applications in the Housing Selection Process. See the table below for more information on each house.

Graduate students: Two campus houses are reserved for graduate student families, leased on a two-year basis. These houses contain 3-4 bedrooms and have the same amenities as undergraduate houses. They are assigned through applications on the graduate housing page.

Each house is equipped with:

  • one or more sofas
  • one or more lounge chairs
  • one or more lamp tables
  • at least one coffee table per living room
  • one or more lamps
  • kitchen table & chairs
  • bookcases
  • stove, oven, and refrigerator
  • (IT Services website) wireless internet is available
  • one bed per student
  • one dresser with shelf unit and closet per student
  • one desk with shelf unit and desk chair per student
  • miniblinds/curtains
  • carpet

General information:

  • Number of students per house: 5-10
  • Laundry facilities are located in each house.
  • Limited summer storage is available for students who will continue their enrollment in the fall.
  • Students must supply their own minor appliances including, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper.
  • Central air-conditioning is available in all campus houses with the exception of Mathetai House, Kay House, and Teresa House; personal air-conditioners and/or window units are not allowed in campus houses.

North Housing

Groups of either male or females students may select these houses during the yearly housing selection process.

House  Address      
# of residents  
Campbell House Duplex*                 821 Irving             6-Upper Unit
Campbell House Duplex* 821 Irving 6- Lower Unit
Swartz House Duplex* 825 Irving 6-Upper Unit
Swartz House Duplex* 825 Irving 6- Lower Unit
Baston House* 506 Harrison     8-4 doubles
Best House* 512 Harrison 8-4 doubles
Wright House ADA*   520 Harrison      8-4 doubles                        
Hollatz House Duplex** 729 Irving 6-3 doubles
Hollatz House ADA Accessible** 729 Irving 6-3 doubles
Bamford House Duplex** 733 Irving 6-3 doubles
Bamford House Duplex** 733 Irving 6-3 doubles
Nelson House Duplex** 741 Irving 6-3 doubles
Nelson House Duplex** 741 Irving 6-3 doubles
*limited parking **no parking    

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