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Class Schedules - are searchable and viewable interactively using Banner Self-Service. Banner is very easy to use to add and drop classes and we have provided some sample screen shots and easy to follow instructions.

Textbook Information is available at the Wheaton College Bookstore's online textbook ordering.  For additional information, contact bookstore@wheaton.edu.

Continuing Students

(All students graduating after August 2016)

With the start of the new Christ at the Core General Education Curriculum (CATC) in Fall 2016, there are some specific allowances being made for continuing students so they can meet current gen ed requirements using courses that will be taught under Christ at the Core.  The brochure linked below will help explain these allowances, which will be called the Legacy Gen Ed.
Transition Gen Ed Information for Continuing Students (PDF)

Course Schedules for Specific Terms

Blank Class Periods Planning Grid (PDF)

Fall 2019:

Fall 2019 Schedule - March Version (PDF)

Summer 2019:

Summer HoneyRock & Black Hills Schedule (PDF)

Summer On-Campus Schedule (PDF)

Special Student Summer Course Application (PDF)

Spring 2019:

Spring 2019 Course Schedule (PDF)


Academic Calendar 

Future Academic Calendar 2017 - 2021 (PDF)


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