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Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides the framework for effective student-faculty-staff interaction through the development of the yearly College catalog, course scheduling, classroom assignments, student registration, student records/database maintenance, and evaluation of degree completion. In support of the educational process at Wheaton College, our goal is to provide timely, accurate and personal service to current and former students, faculty and staff while maintaining the integrity, accuracy, security and storage of all academic records.

Degree Works

Degree Works  is a user-friendly degree-tracking application that students can access through the Banner Self-Service page (Enter Secure Area, log in, Student Services, Degree Works). Important: Do NOT use Chrome as your browser. Degree Works will allow students to see exactly where they stand in terms of requirements met and those still needed. To get started, please read our FAQs and watch the following tutorials:


Video 1: "Degree Works: Understanding and Reading Your Degree Evaluation"


Video 2: "Degree Works: What-If, Look-Ahead, and GPA Calculator"


Summer 2019 Registration

Registration begins March 26, 2019. Current students can start the registration process online via Banner Self-Service at that time.

Registration for those wishing to audit a class will take place in the Registrar's Office. Students must attend class and obtain the instructor's permission and signature in order to register. Permission is the prerogative of the instructor. For details and forms, please contact the Registrar's Office at 630.752.5045.

Audit forms for Audit Application - Current Wheaton Students or non-Wheaton students (not alumni) can be downloaded.

Alumni interested in auditing classes should complete the Alumni Audit Form. Please contact the Alumni and Parent Engagement office at alumni@wheaton.edu or 630.752.5047 if you have questions.

Summer Only Students
To apply as a Summer student, please fill out the “Summer School Special Student Application”. This application will double as registration for on-campus courses. If taking courses at Honey Rock, Black Hills, or summer abroad programs, please ALSO fill out the applications for those specific programs.  

Course Evaluations

Online course evaluations are conducted at the end of each quad during the Fall and Spring semesters.