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Academic Deadlines for Students

Important Dates - Fall Semester 2019

8/26 Monday Graduate & transfer student orientation/registration
8/27 Tuesday First-year student registration changes
8/28 Wednesday

Classes begin. Drop/add begins.
Deadline for tuition and fees.
9/2 Monday Labor Day--no classes
9/3 Tuesday Last day to add A quad courses.
9/10 Tuesday Last day to add full semester courses.
Last day to drop a full semester course without a “W” grade. 
Last day to drop an A Quad course without a “W” grade. 
Deadline for 100% refund on a reduced load. 
10/1 Tuesday Last day to drop an A quad course with a “W” grade.
Last day to elect pass/fail for an A quad course.
10/18 Friday End of A quad classes.
10/19-10/23 Sat. - Wednesday Mid-semester break.
10/24 Thursday B quad courses begin.
10/30 Wednesday Last day to add B quad courses.
11/4-11/8 Monday-Friday Advising for Spring semester
11/6 Wednesday Last day to drop B quad courses without a “W” grade.
11/11-11/22 Monday-Friday Advance registration for Spring semester; PIN required.
11/26 Tuesday Last day to drop full semester or B quad courses with a “W”.
Last day to elect pass/fail for full semester or B quad courses.
11/27-12/1 Wednesday-Sunday Thanksgiving break
12/13 Friday Last day of Fall classes
12/16 Monday Reading Day
12/16-12/19 Mon.* - Thursday     Final Exams (*Monday – late afternoon/evening classes only)
12/20 Friday Christmas break begins.



(Fall and Spring semesters follow these guidelines; Summer varies.)

Quad Course:  Half-semester course worth 2 credit hrs.

A quad:  8-week course running first half of a semester.

B quad:  8-week course running second half of a semester.

Full Semester:  Course running full 16 weeks.