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As a Wycliffe family member, you have an opportunity to further your learning while serving in your cross-cultural ministry. Whether you are a recent college graduate who feels called to serve abroad or are transitioning out of government and business service into cross-cultural Christian ministry, we have created a special partnership to offer you training with some of the most respected and experienced leaders in the field – all at a discounted rate.

Through this partnership, Wycliffe members can learn together in a cohort to expand your thinking with classes relating to intercultural communication, cross-cultural research, Christian theology, and religious life in global settings. Wycliffe members that are accepted into the M.A. in Intercultural Studies, or enroll as a special student with the intention of becoming degree-seeking students, receive a reduction in tuition

  • Self-paced Wycliffe students who enroll in the degree receive a tuition discount.
  • If Wycliffe gathers a cohort of 15 or more students who take the classes at the same time and progress through the degree together, then each member of that group will receive a higher group discount. (If at any time the cohort drops below 15 students, the discount would revert to the original self-paced student discount rate).


The s is a master’s degree that prepares you for professional ministry in diverse cultural settings. Our mission at Wheaton is to develop effective cross-cultural professionals who are competent communicators of Christ, sensitive to other cultures, and effective servants.

Wheaton College has created three distinct options to help us serve in our ministry work.

  • “Furlough Fast-Track”: Earn your M.A. in Intercultural Studies that can be completed in one year while on furlough.
  • At Your Own Pace: This M.A. in Intercultural Studies that is taken at your own pace, take one or two classes at a time from a distance, with some in-person intensives, that allow you to stay in your ministry and manage classwork.
  • Cross-Cultural Certification: If you’re not ready to commit to a graduate program, but would like to invigorate your ministry with further training, Wheaton College Graduate School offers a 10 credit-hour certification in Cross-Cultural Ministry that is taken with a combination of an intensive with Wycliffe in Orlando and followed up with online work for the remainder of the program.

Learn more about the Cross-Cultural Certification.

Learn more about the different program options.

Since the best value of the cohort is the connections you will make with your classmates, we’ve designed the curriculum for you to progress together as a group in order for you to grow academically and spiritually together. If you join a cohort of at least 15 Propel students, you will take the courses with the same group of women, building lasting relationships as a learning community. In addition, each member of the cohort will receive a higher group-rate tuition discount.

However, you can choose to work towards your degree at your own pace with other non-cohort students in the Evangelism and Leadership program. In addition, you would receive a self-paced student tuition discount.

We ask that you decide at the start of the program whether you will join the cohort or choose the self-paced option.

Self-paced Wycliffe students who enroll in the degree receive a tuition discount.

If a group of 15-25 students takes the classes at the same time and progress through the degree together, then each member of that group will receive a higher group-rate tuition discount. 

Start your application on our website by creating your profile and selecting “Wycliffe” from the list of partnership scholarship options on the checkbox in order to qualify for the tuition discount.

Deadlines for admission are on a rolling basis, but it is recommended you apply early. The deadline for registering for a course with advanced work assignments is one month prior to the first day of class.

More questions?

Contact graduate.admissions@wheaton.edu. We’re here to help and look forward to connecting with you!

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Earn your M.A. in Intercultural Studies at a discounted rate.