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Biblical and Theological Studies Major

Studying biblical and theological studies, students receive training in both biblical and theological studies by taking courses in biblical studies, systematic and historical theology, hermeneutics, and ethics.

Requirements for Biblical and Theological Studies Major

Requirements are 32 hours beyond the general education requirement in Biblical and Theological Studies.

General Education Courses: 12 hours

Shared CoursesHours
BITH 211 - Old Testament 4
BITH 213 - New Testament 4
BITH 374 - Systemic Theology 4

Major Courses: 32 hours

There are no concentrations; only 16 hours of shared-core classes and the other 16 hours may be chosen by the student.

Shared CoursesHours
BITH 325 – Biblical Interpretation & Hermeneutics 4
BITH 372 – Historical Theology 4
BITH 375 – Christian Ethics 4
BITH 431/452 – OT/NT Criticism 2
BITH 494 – Senior Capstone 2
Total 16
Elective Courses Hours
Select one Biblical Textual Studies Course 2 or 4
Select one Theology Course 2 or 4
Additional Electives 8 to 12
Total 16

Honors Program

A departmental honors program for majors requires four hours of honors course work within the 32-hour major, plus an additional four hours of honors thesis.

Requirements for Biblical and Theological Studies Minor

The minor is 28 hours which includes the following:

General Education Courses: 12 hours

Shared CoursesHours
Biblical and Theological Studies
(BITH 211 or 221, 213, 315 or equivalent)

General education requirements met through competency testing cannot count toward the minor. (Thus, if a student passes the competency exam for BITH 211 or 213, 2 hours of general education is waived but now must be added to upper division study, making 10 required hours.)

Minor Courses: 16 hours from upper division study

Shared CoursesHours
Biblical Studies at 300 or 400 level 8
Theological Studies at 300 or 400 level 8

Requirements for Hebrew Bible Minor

The Hebrew Bible minor promotes serious study of the original language of the Old Testament. Grammar and exegesis stand at the center of the minor, supplemented by readings in the Hebrew Bible, and four elective hours in cognate languages and disciplines. The minor is ideal for students anticipating advanced biblical studies in seminary or graduate school, as well as in Near Eastern studies and archaeology.

Minor Courses: 20 hours

Shared CoursesHours
Choice from HEBR 301, 302, 401x, and BITH 443,
635 (taken at undergrad level)
Electives from:
BITH 443, 495, 635 (taken at undergrad level)
532 (taken at undergrad level)
ARCH 417x, 418x
or LING 321