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Past Lectures

Past Scandrette Lecturers

* Titles with links are linked to YouTube videos of lectures.

Speaker Year Title of Lecture

David G. Meyers   1981   The Inflated Self: A New Look at Pride

William F. Weitzel    1982   Performance Management from A Christian Perspective 

James R. Dolby    1983   The Story of a Man—The Evolution of  a Psychologist Who is Christian 

Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen    1985   Winds of Change in Psychology –And Their Implications for Christians 

Paul C. Vitz    1985   A Christian Theory of Personality 

John Fantuzzo    1986   A Ministry to Children and Parents Through the Alignment of Psychology and Theology 

Wayne Oates    1987   The Present of God and the Well-being of Personality 

Stephen Evans    1988   Taking Values Seriously in Psychology 

Everett L. Worthington   1989   Christian Research in Secular Psychology: Can It Be?

Thomas Oden   1990   Lessons for Psychologists from the History of Pastoral Care

Mary VanderGoot   1991   Gospel, Science, and the Search for Personal Truth

Charles R. Ridley   1992   An Integration Perspective on the Leadership Failure in Galatians 2:11-14

David Myers   1993   The Pursuit of Happiness: Who is Happy and Why

Jack & Judy Balswick   1996   Biblical Foundations for Relationships

Howard Stevenson   1997   Can I Get A Witness?

Malcolm Jeeves   1998   Whatever Happened to the Soul? A Neuropsychologist's Reflections on Changing Views of the Person

Joseph M. Walsh   1999   Strengthening the Ecclesial Fabric: Psychology at the Service of the Church

Larry J. Crabb Jr.   2000   A New Paradigm for Christian Counseling

Kaye V. Cook   2001   The Emergence of Character

Warren S. Brown   2002   Body and Soul, or Soulish Body? Finding Resonance between Neuroscience, Psychology, and Theology

Everett L. Worthington Jr.   2003   Unforgiveness, the Injustice Gap, Forgiveness, and Justice

Peter C. Hill   2004   Living on the Boundary: Thinking Christianly About Psychology

Stanton L. Jones   2005   Thinking as a Christian on the Hardest Cases: Sexuality, Homosexuality, and the Contours of a Christian Mind

Walter C. Wright Jr.   2006   On Belay: Finding Mentors for the Journey

Elizabeth L. Hall   2007   Minding the Body: An Integrative Examination of Embodiment

Charles R. Carlson   2008   Integration as Intentional Ministry: Helping Others Know Their Story

Nathaniel Wade   2009   Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Reflections from a Scholar-Practitioner

Neftali Serrano   2011   My Journey to Primary Care: A Vision for What It Means To Be a Christian in Psychology

Steven Sweatman   2012   Trends in Gospel Driven Global Engagement: How Christians in Psychology Can Shape the Next Generation

Gerald Sittser   2013   The Battle of the Heart: The Desert Fathers as Psychologists

Angela Sabates   2014   Just Looking Out for Number 1? A Christian View of the Human Condition In Everyday Social Interaction

John Nunes   2015   Tired of Talking about Diversity? Try This!

Bill Hathaway   2016   Proactive versus Reactive Integration: Christian Engagement in Psychology

Mark McMinn   2017   The Science of Virtue: Why Positive Psychology Matters to the Church

Mark Yarhouse   2018   Integrative Domains and Current Trends in the Integration of Psychology and Christianity