Scandrette Lecture Series

A lecture series on the integration of psychology and christianity

About Dr. Onas C. Scandrette

Onas ScandretteDr. Onas Scandrette taught at every educational level from elementary school through graduate school.   He worked as a therapist in a child guidance clinic, as a school psychologist, and as a college counselor.  He published more than sixty articles in the areas of personality, eductional psychology, the integration of psychology and religion, and photography.

Dr. Scandrette came to Wheaton College in 1957 and was instrumental in establishing the Psychology Department in 1962.  He was the first chairman of the new department.  During his tenure an impressive number of students pursued graduate study, in large part due to his efforts and encouragement.  Dr. Scandrette retired in 1979.

Photography was Dr. Scandrette's principal avocation.  More than 200 of his photographs were accepted in international exhibitions, and a number won special awards.  In 1987 Dr. Scandrette was made a Fellow of the Photographic Society of America, the highest honor of the Society.  He was a contributing editor of the PSA Journal, the official organ of the Society.  Seattle Pacific University awarded him a "distinguished alumnus" medallion in June, 1989.  Some of Dr. Scandrette's photographic works can be seen displayed in the Psychology Department.

Dr. Scandrette entered the presence of the Lord on January 12, 2005.

This lecture series was endowed by Dr. Scandrette and has been an honor for the Psychology Department to host since 1981.