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Planewave Instruments 24-inch CDK

The observatory crowning the new science center houses a state-of-the-art PlaneWave Instruments CDK24 telescope, with a 24-inch diameter primary mirror and a Corrected Dall-Kirkham design to maximize image clarity and focus over an exceptionally large field of view.  The CDK24 has a carbon fiber, dual truss design, with 11 cooling fans to equilibrate the temperature of its mirrors.  

Planewave 24-inch CDK in the Dome

The telescope weight is 240 lbs., while its mount weighs an additional 800 lbs. to provide stability and minimize image jitter.  Real-time digital images from the telescope can be streamed down to an astronomy classroom on the third level for comfortable viewing.

Telescope Specifications

Telescope   Planewave Instruments 24 inch CDK >>
Aperture                 24 inch   (610 mm)
Focal Length   4145 mm   (163.19 inch)
Focal Ratio   f/6.8
Central Obstruction   41% of the Primary Mirror Diameter
Camera   Finger Lakes Instruments (CCD) ProLine 16803 Imaging System
Filters   Astrodon>> E-series L R G B Hα OIII
Software   Software Bisque TheSkyX, MaximDL
Remote Operations   VNC



Additional Telescopes

In addition to the main telescope housed in the 21-foot dome, the roof has 6 smaller mounts for our collection of 8-12 inch telescopes. 


Solar Telescopes

For observations of the sun we have several solar telescopes: The Coronade PST and the Lunt 60mm Double Stack Solar Telescope view the sun in H-alpha, a very narrow band in red light that reveals a many features in the atmosphere and on the surface of the sun. The observatory also has a collection of Questar telescopes to observe the sun in white light. The Lunt telescope can be equipped with a CCD or video camera to make images of the surface of the sun.