French major

For complete information on courses please reference the college catalog.

Requires 32 hours including the following:

Core Courses

Course             Name Hours
331   French Conversation
332   French Composition 4
346   Survey of French Lit. Middle Ages to 18th Century 
3XX   Adolescence & Early Adulthood in Modern French Lit (coming Fall 2018)LE 4
347    Francophone Literature 4
494   Senior Seminar (Offered in Spring) 4


321   Linguistic Science
(Ling 321 offered Spring semester,B Quad)
371   Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language
(FREN 371 offered in fall; Required for secondary education candidates) 

Wheaton in France

(or approved semester abroad, with equivalent classes) 

 334   Culture and Communication
(Study of French Art, Architecture, Business, Film, Geography,
social and economic structures, and History)

 335   French Civilization and Culture
(Offered in France only)

 338    Advanced French in France
(Offered in France only)

431   Advanced Conversation
(Offered alternate years)

432   Advanced Grammar and Stylistics
(Offered alternate years)

439   Topics in French Lang. and Lit.
(Includes courses such as Women Authors, French Film, the
Hero in French Literature, French Theater, and Huguenot Literature
489   Topics in France
(Offered in France only)

495   Independent Study 2-4 


Note Bene: Majors must take 8 hours of literature, at least 4 of which must be selected from 346 or 347. Thus a student could fulfill the 8-hour literature requirement by taking 346 and 347, or 346 and two 2-hour lit. courses, or 347 and two 2-hour lit. courses. French Film counts as a literature course.

French Minor

Requirements: 20 hours of French beyond intermediate level. Required courses are 331, 332, 346 or 347,and and 12 additional hours to be selected in consultation with a French faculty member. The Wheaton in France program is strongly recommended.