Health Professions Courses

Current Courses Offered - Health Professions Department

The Health Professions program offers an opportunity for students to discuss current topics within the healthcare field and interact with healthcare professionals, hearing first-hand stories of the challenges and joys of serving others in a variety of healthcare careers. Two courses are taught in the spring 2018 semester providing unique experiences for students to engage, explore and personal reflect upon various issues within the healthcare environment.

SCI 200: Introduction to the Health Professions is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the variety of professions impacting the healthcare environment today. Emphasis is placed upon the skills and attributes needed to effectively prepare for entry into the professions. Students will explore health care history, health disparities, healthcare delivery, and culture as it relates to healthcare practice, inter-professional collaboration and professionalism. This course is intended for freshmen and sophomore students.

SCI 290: Health Professions Colloquium provides a variety of topical discussions on issues relevant to work in the healthcare profession today. Dialogue and reflection upon the impact of the Christian faith and issues of medical ethics and care of various patient populations included. Discussions and assignments will prepare students for application to health profession programs. This course is open to students in their junior and senior year.