Research and Meetings

The department faculty encourages and supports faculty-student research throughout the year. Faculty research interests range from tectonic history of Precambrian terranes to integrated investigation of groundwater and watershed analysis to global climate change to geoarchaeology. Below are some samples of recent faculty and student research:

Department Research

(F-faculty, FS-students with faculty, S-students)

  • Glacial Isostasy and Global Sea-level Change Determined from Satellite Remote Sensing: Dr. James Clark, Nikki Cunningham, Paul Haidle, Lori McGuire, and Matt Andresen (FS)
  • Effects of Great Lakes Water Loading upon Glacial Isostatic Adjusments and Lake History: Dr. James Clark, Deborah Zylstra, Kevin Befus (FS)
  • Numerical Simulation of the Paleohydrology of Glacial Lake Oshkosh, eastern Wisconsin, U.S.A.: Dr. Clark, Kevin Befus, Peter Stewart, Taylor Shipman, Chris Gergory, Deborah Zylstra (FS)
  • Eureka moraine and wave-washed till surface of glacial Lake Oshkosh, Buchholtz farm, Waushara County: Dr. Clark (F)
  • Neshota outlet and drainage spillway associated with glacial Lake Oshkosh, Denmark Quarry, Brown County: Dr. Clark (F)
  • Survey of Geological Artifacts Encountered at Tell el-Borg, NW Sinai, Egypt: Dr. Moshier (F)
  • Paleoenvironmental Interpretation and Geoarcheology of the Northwestern Sinai Penninsula: Dr. Stephen Moshier (F)
  • Comprehensive Study of the Mechanism for Groundwater Contamination Near Superfund Sites in the Rockford, IL Area: Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg, Katie Lethe, and Tim Bayley (FS)
  • Provenance and Drainage Dynamics of Selected Streams, Black Hills, SD, from Heavy-Mineral Suites: Dr. Jeffrey K. Greenberg, Lacy Noetzel, and Josiah Engblom (FS)
  • Composition and Tectonic Characteristics of Paleoproterozoic Basaltic Sills from the Eastern Black Hills, SD: Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg, Erik Mickelson, and Joel Moore (FS)
  • Tectonic Interpretation and Mapping of Structural Features in the Vicinity of Hisega, SD: Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg (F)
  • X-Ray Diffractometry and Clay-Mineral Analysis of Pottery Fragments from the Yucatan, Mexico: Lauren Powell, Anna Strong, and Andrew Kulpecz (S)
  • Textural Analysis of Sediments in Otter Creek, St. Charles, IL (for the St. Charles Park District sponsored study of Otter Creek Bend Natural Area): Jeremy Vaughn, Douglas Walters, Paul Haidle (S) under supervision of Dr. Stephen Moshier
  • Field Mapping of Holocene Sediments Associated with the Ancient Eastern Nile Delta, NW Sinia, Egypt (with the Trinity International University sponsored archaeological excavation at Tell el-Borg): Dr. Stephen Moshier and Lauren Powell (FS)
  • Microporosity in Limestones Leading to Cavern Development: Dr. Stephen Moshier, Andrew Adare (FS)
  • Bryozoan Buildups in the Subsurface Mississippian Newman Fm., Big Lime Mbr., SE Kentucky: Stephen Moshier (F)
  • Mineralogy and Textures of Holocene Muds Associated with the Ancient Eastern Nile Delta, NW Sinia, Egypt): Dr. Stephen Moshier and Jamie Worrel (FS)
  • Precambrain Carbonate Sediments and Diagenesis, Nemo Area, Black Hills, South Dakota: Dr. Stephen Moshier and Daniel Wolbrink (FS)

Professional Meetings

Students travel with faculty to professional geology conferences in order to attend presentations, present their research, participate in field trips, and interact with others in the geological community (recent meetings include the annual conference of the Geological Society of America in Boston and GSA regional conferences in Indianapolis, IN, Normal IL, and Lexington, KY).