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Inside the Wheaton College Engineering Lab

The tools and equipment inside the Engineering Lab aid students as they prototype, build, and test their designs. In addition to the tools listed below, students have opportunities to utilize the equipment in the Science Division Shop, located just down the hall.

Explore the Lab

Ultimaker 3D Printer in Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The lab includes several Ultimaker 3D printers of different sizes that are used to build plastic parts layer-by-layer. The dual extrusion system enables the printing of water-soluble support material for more complex parts.

Projet MJP 2500 3D Printer in Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The multiple print nozzles in the ProJet 3D printer add a layer of plastic resin that is cured by ultraviolet light before the next layer is added. The ProJet reliably prints high-quality parts and is used for multiple projects, including the annual Statics course Bridge Competition.

Glowforge Laser Cutter at Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The Glowforge Laser Printer can etch and cut out designs in materials like wood and acrylic using laser light. The Glowforge is frequently used to cut out custom parts for class projects or to make sleek signs for the Engineering Lab.

Hand Tools, Scroll Saw, Miter Saw in Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The lab is equipped with a variety of manual and powered hand tools, as well as a bench-top tools like the scroll saw and miter saw. These tools are used frequently as students cut and drill what they need for a project.

CNC Router ShopBot in Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The Shopbot Desktop MAX is a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router. The Shopbot plunges a router bit into materials such as aluminum, wood, or acrylic along a 2D or 3D vector-based path.

Computer Numerical Control Mill in Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mill progressively removes material from plastic, wood, aluminum, or steel stock to create custom-designed parts.

Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

Students using the lab have access to Arduinos, soldering equipment, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and more as they incorporate electronics into their work.

Welding at Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

Welding workshops allow students to try out different arc welding techniques as they learn to weld pieces of steel together.

Microscopes in the Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab

The lab contains several tools for the study of materials, including a MTS tensile tester, metallurgical microscope, furnace, hardness tester, and grinder-polisher.


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