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Business and Economics Opportunities

There are many opportunities available to students in our department for personal and professional growth.


Students in either the Economics or the Business/Economics major may earn academic credit for work experience. Students may earn between 1 and 4 hours of academic credit; each hour of credit means 40 hours of work with the internship organization. Learn more about Internships.

Contests and Awards

The Business and Economics department offers various contests and awards during the school year. Learn more about Contests and Awards.


As part of Dr. Min-Dong Paul Lee’s Principles of Management course, students seek out a mentor, and then blog about what they learn. Learn more about Mentoring.

Study Abroad 

Wheaton College offers a variety of study abroad opportunities, including the Iron Sharpens Iron program, which allows students to earn eight credit hours in business and economics and/or international relations courses while studying the interaction of political and economic policy, the effects of globalization on human flourishing, and the economic well being of countries. Learn more about Study Abroad.


Beyond the classroom, these organizations offer students a chance to cultivate their interest in business and economics - and have some fun!  Learn more about Clubs.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Wheaton College offers eligible students advanced independent work, which culminates in a senior thesis and an Honors designation on the transcript and in the graduation program. Learn more about the Honors Program.